Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making Waves

I feel like I am finally making waves.

I am on to my second post in this blog and worked on the graphics all morning. They're as good as they're going to get right now. I like them.

Last night after work I had spaghetti and champagne for dinner. (We were out of Riesling, my wine of choice) It was delicious, sometimes it's nice to celebrate nothing more than a day's end. I then went in the sauna, I have a cold I'm trying to kick and thought this could help, it certainly couldn't hurt.

I got a kindle for Christmas and it is probably the most used gift I have received in ions. Books are discounted prices and it's very light and easy to use. I finished Roses, my recommendation from yesterday. I'm now reading "Not my Daughter", by Barbara Delinsky. When using the kindle it doesn't tell you what page you're on, but how much of the book is complete, I am at 80% as of my lunch break today, it is a super quick read, I like.

Talked to Bob on the phone last night, like every night, and it was great. We've been long distance due to school (he's done in May) our entire relationship of 2.5 years, except for when he's home for breaks. I'm so proud of him, he'll have his degree in May and he is doing phenomenal in his classes. I couldn't be more proud, and in the mean time it's fun to talk about the future.

Things I'd like in the future:

Juices with fruit floating in them, in big jugs. How great would this be for a party? I must certainly say, don't mind if I do.

A vacation somewhere obscenely warm. I love vacations (who doesn't?) and it's high time I take another long relaxing one. Away from work

My own bathroom someday with a big ol' tub. I take baths religiously, every night. I love to unwind in a bath with a book and a glass of wine or an ice cold up of water. Found this sanctuary, I mean bathroom, on HGTV awhile back and thought I'd link it for you to all enjoy.

What a great decorator. I love hgtv, I could watch it all day. My favorite happens to be Property Virgins with Sandra Rinomato. I dream of hiring her as a realtor some day, she is wonderful. I enjoy homes so much that I can easily spend hours on looking at all sorts of homes that the people in my life would enjoy. Do any of you have any hobbies like this, or maybe you enjoy browing real estate ala window shopping?


  1. Hi, could this site be any cuter?! Totally love all this eye candy; can't wait to read more! :) Hollie

  2. I agree - it embodies katie perfectly ;-)


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