Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple things that make me smile.

So this is my first blog and I really hope I keep up with this and it becomes something worth talking about. I'm a recent college graduate as of December 2008, and truly living in the post graduate debacle. I have a job that I loathe and passions that sit on the shelf. Why is it so hard to merge the two successfully?

Well I am going to try to merge my interests in this blog and see where it takes me. I'll give you a heads up of what to expect: interior decorating, event planning, bible verses, theater, books, good eats, clothing, and the people I love. I attended Eastern Illinois University in central Illinois and returned to the Chicago suburbs after wards. I have been blessed with an incredible family that is supportive and involved in my life day to day. I have friends that get my quirks and love me just the same. I have a boyfriend, Bob, who is beyond amazing and I love to pieces. And I have a yellow lab, Shelby, who medals in everything but has a cute face to make up for her mischief.

Life is chaotic and as hard as we may try we can't plan. It can be madness but sometimes we need to just find our place in the middle of the crazy and stand unwaivering. Here are some things today that are helping me get through my day (and terrible job) afloat.
This book by Leila Meacham is incredible if you like fiction novels that are part period piece part Romance. I read this book on the train to and from work daily (2 hours) and before you know it I became so engulfed I began to read it at home too.

I love to peruse and here are a couple finds that I have marked as favorite. These lamps are so unique and fit perfect in my someday home that is a mix of traditional, old world, and farm house. Isn't this just adorable? Here is the name of the seller for item: Lampgoods

I also absolutely adore this necklace on etsy, it's so feminine and old fashioned yet it makes a powerful statement. It's sold out but the seller has other similar necklaces. This is so precious, and I love that it's not mass produced but unique. LaViejaTunTun is the name of this seller.

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  1. Ragona, you are keeping me entertained at work, keep going!


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