Friday, January 29, 2010


Thank God it is Friday!

I don't know what I would do if the work week was any longer. It's awfully cold in Chicago right now, but at least the sun is out.

This weekend Bob will be at school still sadly, which will give me time to catch up with friends so that's good.

Things I want to do this weekend you ask?
Well I've been thinking about tackling making cheesecake pops for awhile. I had them at an Ann Taylor Loft Event and they were DELISH. My friend Leslie (who is Bob's oldest brother, Mike's girlfriend) and I chat non stop on g chat during the work week, and she sent me this recipe she stumbled upon that is pretty much the same thing: Bakerella.

Me at the Loft event months back with a cheesecake pop, makes me wish I could steal it from my own hand:

Anyway enough about cheesecake pops..

I'm going out to eat with one of my best girl friends, Mary Pat, tonight for sushi. We can't get enough sushi so we'll do that and then hit up the movie theater after wards to see Leap Year. I heard it was cheesy but happy, and quite frankly cheesy and happy can be good. Sometimes I think if there was a little more cheesy and happiness we'd all be alright. I mean why do people head to Disney World in droves everywhere? I must admit, I'm always happy to hit up Disney and relive a little bit of innocent childhood fun.

So before I meet Mary Pat I think I'm going to hit up the store and check out some handbags. Something else that I want to pop and shout "Happy". I want a bright bag, but haven't really found one yet that is yellin' for me. Typically I'll look at whatever bags I like and then try to ebay them for a discounted price. I can't stand paying full price for something when the same item can be purchased for a large percentage list.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am a smart shopper, and I am proud. These are four bags that I think are super cute from Nordstroms. Made respectively by:
Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Treesje.

Needless to say I want color.

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