Monday, February 8, 2010


Don't get me wrong with this header, I do love the store Anthropologie, just not their prices. Anthro is adorable, it's old class meets new appeal. And you know what it translates to when I see their jewelry? Antiques.
I waltzed in when on my lunch break, excited to see what the new Anthro on state street had to offer me and my pocket book. I had forgotten how over priced they are and was quickly brought back to reality. If I really wanted ecletic looking pieces for less, why don't I resort to a hobby I love? Antiquing!

Bob is coming home next weekend and we both love to find good vintage finds so I am going to keep my eye out for good vintage jewelry. In the mean time, I thought to hit up ebay and take a looksy at their offerings. I was so pleasantly surprised by the similarities between some of these pieces and their more expensive counterparts. Take a look and tell me what you think. Ebay prices are from the time when I viewed them, and could have changed.

Ebay: $2.20 Anthropologie: $198

Ebay: $9.99 Anthropologie: $318

Ebay:$13.99 Anthropologie:$48

What about ear candy? Here ya go!

Ebay:$0.56 Anthropologie:$32

Ebay:$0.99 Anthropologie: $42

Ebay:$0.99 Anthropologie:$58

Okay, fine fine. I'll show you some rings too..

Ebay:$4.99 Anthropologie:$138

Ebay:$11.51 Anthropologie: $28

Ebay:$1.75 Anthropologie:$148

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  1. WOW you did your research! Those really are gorgeous, the ebay and other. As longest friends, we of COURSE both love ebay!!!


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