Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thought worthy Thursday

I have decided to make Thought worthy Thursday where I will provide you with random facts about me. I suppose being my blog is still so new this will help grasp who I am a little more.

- I am only 5 feet tall and 3/4 inches, but I round up to 5'1".
- I am Italian, Irish, Czechoslovakian, Norwegian, Swedish, and English. In that order.
- I have a horrific fear of storms that stemmed from a tornado touching down in the parking lot of the local park district pool while we were in the changing area when I was 5.
- I need to have my toes painted at all times.
- When I go to Church on Sundays I am guaranteed a better week.
- I really haven't drank pop since Lent of 2004, it tastes like syrup to me now.
- This blog is my saving grace from my chaotic work life.
- I did the Clean Program by Dr. Junger in December for 16 of the 21 recommended days, best decision ever. <- Life Changing.
- I am a proud alumni of Alpha Phi sorority.
- I never seem to get tired of pink.
-My life mantra, which I often repeat to myself is the Bible Scripture- "Trust in the Lord our God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways worship him and he shall lead your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6
- I was born 2 months premature.
- I desperately want to do something I am passionate about and want to make the Lord proud of me for doing his work.
- I rocked the aviators since I was a Toddler.


  1. Hi Katie!
    I'm *so* glad you stumbled across my blog! And I'm so glad it led me to yours! I'm so looking forward to reading yours too!
    Being short, I round up too ;)
    And like you, I desperately want to do something in life that is according to God's will for my life and pleasing to Him!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Me again!
    I've just read/discovered you went to EIU, which just so happens to be in the OVC. I've visited the campus many many times for tennis and have competed against you guys oh-so many times during college!! '02-'06!

    SUCH a small world!

  3. Those are fun facts...well, maybe not the storm part/tornado...scary! My husband and I were in a hurricane on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico...

    So glad that I found your blog...I'm not sure how we connected, but I'm following you know...hee hee... :)

    God Bless...LOVE that verse!

  4. Gosh, these comments absolutely make my day.
    Tami, I feel you and I are going to be fast friends. What a small world, and Charleston, IL is even smaller. I can't believe you've been there. I love that!! What state do you live in now?

    Hi-D- A hurricane? That sounds terrifying! I'm so happy we connected too, its nice to find other good Christian ladies.


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