Thursday, February 25, 2010

For Liberty of Target

Oh Target, how I love your Go International line. You've brought me so many designers that I normally wouldn't find in your delightful store. Giving me only another excuse to embark through your doors.

Go International is teaming with Liberty of London for an exclusive line at Target, premiering March 14th. The line will feature housewares and fashion in all their pretty prints. You can find such eclectic items as quilts, all the way to rain boots and bicycles. On their site one can take a personality quiz to see which pattern is best matched for you, I'm a "Garla", and I like.

Stop right there! I just learned MAC is collaborating with Liberty of London on a make up line that will be premiering March 11th of this year also. Liberty of London is taking us by storm, and I like.

I personally am more excited about Target's joint efforts with Liberty of London. Are you partial towards one, or are you excited for either even?


  1. It's amazing what Target has done for affordable fashion/housewares. So cool!

    I love MAC makeup! :)

  2. I just took the facebook quiz and I am Maddsie!


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