Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting a Handle on Things

This past weekend I wanted to do something to surprise my parents. Something to our house, I figured. It was built circa 1990, hence there are numerous aspects that could be updated. Don't get me wrong, they've done a great job keeping our home running beautifully, but styles inevitably change.

After being so inspired by The Lettered Cottage, I decided I was more capable than I allowed. This woman, Laya, has such a can do attitude that I felt so inspired. I ended up Googling (yes it's a verb) how to change kitchen hardware, and found the steps looked rather easy!

I meandered over to Home Depot, and for the first time in my life I waltzed in their with a purpose! I felt invincible. I decided on a brushed iron look and bought 42 pieces of hardware. Do note I miscounted and needed to go back for a 43rd yesterday.
Here is our before picture. Please forgive the wall paper as that is my next step. When it's not my house I can only do so much at one time.

This next photo showcases the new handle on the left and the gold tarnished handle on the right. I think this really conveys the difference best.

What's a makeover without a little elbow grease? Therefore, I decided to invite me two girls Pledge and Old English over. Together we shined those cabinets in no time. Check out the before picture of the worn grain, and the after photo when the ladies and I were finished.

Now here are my after photos. Please remember, the kitchen is a work in process. But I am very proud of myself.

And my parents? Well they loved them. I think they were shocked to learn what my surprise was. Even more shocked that I could wield a screw driver with the finest. Hopefully this helps their creative juices flow into some more updating.


  1. Great job! Once I get my own place i will have to learn to become handy and spruce things up! It looks great!

  2. You are so sweet to help your parents out. Just changing the hardware makes a huge difference, right? So cool! :)


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