Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love thyself

I so want to find happiness in my work, and I simply can't find it in my current job. Because of this I have been doing a lot of praying. My Mom asked me if I think my job right now is where God wants me to be. Honestly, no I don't think it is, but this recession isn't new to any of you out there either. I suppose until I find what I am suppose to be doing I need to pray for strength to get through what I am doing right now.
In the mean time I am working on: Loving myself.
It can be so terribly hard to give ourselves the proper love, attention, and appreciation we need on a day to day basis. But it is very important. I am going to try to work on paying better attention to the things I need to feel appreciated and bettered through out my day. Think of how true the following quote rings? I love it.

Anyway, on to something more fun. Color. It is incredible how much color can spice up a room. A color can create a mood, I feel rooms that exude colors from the sea relax, while bold colors create more of an alert restless nature. Here are some rooms that are candy for the eyes, minus the worry of calories.

Photos Compliments of This Old House and Martha.

On a final note, I'm reading "The Overnight Socialite", by Bridie Clark. So far it's an amusing read. Its very My Fair Lady meets modern day.


  1. looove the purple ;-) oh man and even better with the gorgeous blue with that wood. my friend kyle would die for that, he might end up being a katie anne blog addict as well!!!

  2. That can be tough when you're in a job or position where you don't feel happiness. One thing our Pastor says often and I love it is: "Do you get "Your Who from Your Do," or "Your Do from Your Who." It's a great little reminder that we are not defined but what we do but who we are (through Jesus)...anyway...I just thought I'd share that with the meantime, just keep asking the Lord where he wants you to go...He will show you... :)

  3. Thank you so much Hi-D. I just saw your comment and it made me so happy to see. That is such a terrific reminder!

  4. You are welcome! I have been where you're at in jobs before and it can be very frustrating...just hang in there and the Lord will direct your path. Blessings!


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