Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines Day

What a late recap of my Valentine's Day, and for that I apologize!

Bob and I went antiquing our Valentine's weekend, and there are so many great antique stores by us. We were both shocked at how many there are in the historical district, and didn't even have time to visit all of them. I saw this antique mirror that was very shabby chic. It had a light blue wooden frame with Roses imprinted on the front in weathered lettering. It would love perfect in my room.

Well Bob treated me to chocolates, other candies and a beautiful pink bouquet of flowers. He figured if he bought me pink flowers I'd love them. He figured right. We also went to a french restaurant for dinner. It was very intimate and the food was amazing. I think I found my new favorite desert, cookie dough stuffed in an egg roll like shell, with ice cream. As long as I don't know the calorie content, I am a happy girl.

I used an idea from Brunch at Saks to wrap candy bars in cute scrap booking paper and gifted one to Bob and his Grandpa.

I've been dying to use chalkboard paint for months now, ever since I stumbled upon Blest Our Nest. This woman, Shannon, is a guru when it comes to decorating with chalk board paint, and I thought I follow in her foot steps and paint a sliver of a tree trunk for Bob. And a frame for my parent's kitchen too.

Additionally, those cheesecake pops I talked about weeks ago, finally made 'em. I made them for Bob, and they did not come out too pretty. I think I really should have invested in a mini ice cream scoop before making them. I also cooked my melted chocolate at too hot of a temperature burning it before I could use a grand majority of it. I was so bummed about it, for blog purposes, but Bob told me that if it all turned out great, the blog would be less interesting. So folks, they were clumpy, oddly shaped, and some lacked chocolate. But they tasted great, and that's what counts.
Here are the results:


  1. I LOVE all your cutesy ideas! Thank you for sharing them! I'm definitely going to have to try a few ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I love that you pulled out the chalk board paint! I have wanted to give it a try myself! And chocolate for valentines, nothing could be better!

  3. Love your ideas! I just absolutely love chalkboard paint on almost anything! Hahaha


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