Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pleasure of a Porch

My Parents have a screened in porch they added to their home in the last decade and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect place to:
  • drink morning coffee
  • watch a rain storm
  • cozy up with a book
  • enjoy a glass of wine and some company
  • serve dinner
  • and so much more...
But like a lot of the rooms in my home I think it requires some TLC. Screened in porches are easily neglected in the cold months and then when spring begins to grace us with her presence the state of the porch becomes a shock. It's like the need for a pedicure after being bundled up all winter long and one day you notice this and need to pamper those puppies and do it now.

Thought I'd first share with you some outdoor spaces I'm using for inspiration. They're from HGTV.com, Southern Living, and various google images.

With these precious porches in mind I'd love to buy some outdoor furniture that would make this space feel cozy and inviting. The problem is outdoor furniture adds up so quickly, not something an EBH is ever a fond of. I did some searching on Target's site and found some adorable different options.

The outside items are all individually sold, and the center set is sold together. The center set would be the bargain of these, but I still can't decide. If anyone knows of any good places to find reasonable outdoor furniture, you'd make this EBH ridiculously happy.


  1. definitely the best part of a screened in porch comes alive during a rain storm! it's so romantic... i love it!

  2. We got ours at Lowes. It was super reasonably priced!

  3. I love big porches...I remember as a kid visiting my grandparents in Nebraska. They had a wonderful big screened in porch. I LOVED it!

  4. Thanks so much for your great ideas. Kristin I will have to check out Lowes really soon for some furniture. And screened in porches are definitely romantic in the middle of a storm, I agree completely!


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