Monday, March 8, 2010

Upgrade from Kate Spade

I am so angry, and it really does take a great deal to get me so mad. This weekend when I visited Bob I brought my new Kate Spade purse. The morning after I arrived I looked down and noticed a massive tear in the leather that should really not happen from normal day to day wear, and in under 12 hours of using the bag. I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary.

I called the Kate Spade Outlet where I purchased my bag and after the woman was contradictory by telling me they'd never had a problem like this before. But wait, was it a metallic bag? (No.) She told me she couldn't do a thing for me and to call their customer service line. I did this and the customer service center was closed, even though it was during normal business hours. I then called the Kate Spade store again and explained to the woman how disappointing this was and I'd like an exchange or a refund. I mean if a bag can't put up 12 hours with me, I can't imagine a year and a half, like my last bag. After telling me she couldn't trust I hadn't done something crazy with the bag (like place it in my blender?) she finally said she knew exactly which bag I was talking about and would put one on hold for me until Monday.

Insert Today.

I went to said outlet mall with my mother. I was so happy to have her with me in case I was given a hard time. I'd thrown out my tags and such before using the bag so I knew this may be a problem. When we arrived the bag I was told would be on hold was a different bag then the one I had bought. It was about the size of a grocery satchel, far too big for my 5'0" and 3/4 frame.

I asked if they would allow me to exchange the bag for something worth less than this grocery satchel and they said no. They would only allow me the grocery satchel unless I would wait for them to check other outlets for the ripped bag. At this point I asked for the manager. She was as cryptic as Ann Wintour, and not nearly as posh. I know that is not nice, but she treated me horribly. She told me it was my fault I didn't tell the woman on the phone exactly which bag is mine and therefore the manager I spoke with wasn't to blame. She too told me she didn't know what wear I had done to the bag.

I wanted to take a polygraph. And then I remembered, alas! My Mom had scolded me for going to put my receipt in my shopping bag like usual, and made me put it in my wallet. She'd had a shopping bag stolen before and liked the idea on not letting it be any easier for a thief, so she always holds onto her receipts now. Bravo, Mama. I looked and there it was! I asked the manager "Please, can I just have my money back now." She snidely said "We'll see if I can take it." My Mom then said "Well its a 14 day return policy, it's been about a week, there's no reason for you not to." The woman then laughed and gave me back my money.

I felt I had to defend myself, my integrity, and my check book at the store. It was so upsetting, especially because I'd looked forward for so long to owning a Kate Spade bag. I am going to write a yelp review on this, it just isn't right for a customer to be treated like they're on a witness stand.

It was like they were clinging so desperately to not losing my sale they didn't even care about what is the right thing to do. The woman never apologized or said thank you or good bye when we were done with the transaction, and I walked right over to Coach.

I am sorry that this has been a rant, but I was just so angry. It's so disheartening to have your word questioned when you earnestly were just as upset with the defected product as the sales person. Have any of you had such a horrific customers service experience? Or even better, have you had one that was incredible you'd like to share?

Below is a picture I found of my new rip free bag..


  1. Oh my gosh that is so crazy! Every Kate Spade I have ever been to has had the worst customer service! Love your new Coach!

  2. so glad you finally got your money back. ugh! your new purse or new purse to be is super cute! i doubt you'll miss the kate spade at all.

  3. How frustrating!!! I can totally relate to your story. I've had many bad customer service experiences. Writing a letter helps sometimes...especially when you're not happy with a product. I really LOVE your new Coach bag! :)

    p.s. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog. You really encourage me. :)

  4. What horrible customer service! I am so glad you were able to get your money back. I would still call customer service and complain about how you were treated! That is so ridiculous! Love your new bag!!!

  5. That is just horrible! I would write to Kate Spade corporate and file a complaint! I can't believe they acted like that...seriously, if you just bought it a day or two or before they should have some sort of record. If you can remember the time, if you paid cash or w/a C/C. Shame on the outlet store in Aurora!!!


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