Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curtain Call

There are some things we women just shouldn't do. Two of these things unfortunately often look alike. Two of these things end up taking away from the beauty around it. Two of these things happen to unsuspecting people all the time...
1. Curtains that Maria Von Trapp wouldn't outfit kids in.

2. Bridesmaid dresses that look like curtains.

Clothing and Curtains should not resemble each other. Period. Yes, I love style and Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite movies of all time, particularly her velvet ensemble but, and this is a big but, unless their is a massive civil war going on and one must save Tara, one should not turn to their curtains for new duds. Not even for Rhett. (Read: Okay maybe for Rhett Butler)

I'm sorry, it just shouldn't be done. Don't dress your bridesmaids like a pair of Waverly curtains either. If a bride's bridesmaids weren't particularly helpful in her wedding, perhaps it's because of what she dressed them in.

I thought I would show some no no's in these categories. Brace yourselves...

On that note.. I'm seriously considering making sew free curtains.. I spent hours at Jo Ann's fabric yesterday. I promise I'll avoid using magnets, 80s decorum, and unusual amounts of lace and sequence.

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