Friday, April 16, 2010

Dream A Little Dream..

Its 1:45 am. What am I doing up? Day dreaming. So many blogs inspire me and I just felt the need to blog.
I am a type A person. I wish I rolled with the punches but I don't, I plan. I love to plan, I love to feel some sense of control. It's funny because even with my plans God is the ultimate planner and very often my plans veer off the course and His plan is always better. I love that.

I also love weddings. And wedding season is fast approaching. In my blackberry I note my good friends favorite colors and potential wedding seasons, and then save images I know would be perfect for them. I've been told numerous times "your gift to me can be planning my wedding" to which I click my heels in delight. My friend Lori made a joke yesterday that we could plan our weddings with a weekends notice. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite photos that inspire me for my once upon a time day. I didn't design these boards, they're mostly found here, but I will make a custom one soon, I promise.


  1. You are adorable...I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed and thought I'd update my blog post...Then I come to your blog and read this...Go read the scripture that I interesting...we must be both planners. :)

    I think most girls have their wedding planned out when they're old enough to like playing dress up. Enjoy...your day will be coming. :)

  2. Those are lovely! I love the pink and white striped tablecloth in the third picture board. Your wedding will be divine one day :)

  3. such gorgeous-ness. i know your wedding is going to be spectacular one day!!! happy weekend.

  4. Those are just beautiful girl! I totally used that first picture in a blog post too a while pretty! The book is GREAT! I have to admit that the first 2 weeks of reading were kinda boring....but after that it picked up. It is really helping me though. My one year blogaversary is in about 3 weeks...I may throw that in as part of a giveaway. What do you think? Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. yay for wedding season!!! the hustle and bustle of it all makes me happy too!

  6. Hi Katie,
    So glad I found your blog as well! I love weddings, too I wish I was able to plan weddings for a living. It's stressful but it's such a joy to see your hard work come together before your eyes. Your inspiration photos are gorgeous, pink is such a classic, fun, girly color. I'm dying over those pink Louboutins right now!! Great post for being awake at 1:45am :) My husband is from the south suburbs, he grew up in Orland Park, so we're down "south" quite often!

  7. Heidi, Katie and Carissa, you ladies rock. Thank you, I sure hope so. :)
    Short Southern Mama, I think that would be one incredible giveaway. I may have to pick up a copy if I don't win, ha.
    Natasha, I love following your wedding planning. Your blog is such an inspiration, I must confess!
    Nikki, that is crazy! I live basically in Orland, small world. I look forward to reading your blog too.


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