Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Recap

Easter is such a time of hope. Jesus has risen and everyone seems to have more pep. We began our celebration when the weekend began and Bob came home. We went to our favorite ice cream parlor. It's an old fashioned place that has been known for many generations. It is amazing and really incomparable, it's known throughout the Chicago suburbs. Bob happens to live right down the street from it, and loves to rub this fact in to me. My Mom also happened to grow up down the street from it, and yes she loves to rub this in too. They get along great. His Grandpa was also my Mom's doctor growing up. His Aunt also had class with my Mom. So when my Mom first heard of who Bob was it really brought new meaning to "small world" to me. At the parlor we took pictures in an Easter themed "insert face here" scene, and had a couple laughs.

On Saturday night we went to the Easter Vigil. It was beautiful. Many RCIA participants joined the Catholic church. We had the privilege of watching a Soldier home from Iraq on leave be baptized in the large fountain. We also saw candidates take the Eucharist and be Confirmed as well. It was a joyful mass and afterward there was a great deal of food. We ran into our friends and I took some photos to mark the occasion.

Bob and I celebrated so much we had 2 Easter dinners. Oh the joy of visiting multiple family homes for the holiday. Does anyone else have to do this?

We started at Bob's house where I strategized our eating. I knew my Mom made a honey ham so I feasted on various side dishes at Bob's. His family makes the most creative dishes, I love them. Things like pretzel jello, broccoli salad, Oreo pudding, and some ramen noodle salad too. When we came to my house I primarily had ham and potatoes. Unfortunately we weren't there very long before I had to take Bob to the train and back to school.

It was bittersweet, he has forty days left until school is over and he is home for good. Forty days, it's ironic because it is the same time span that lent lasts. But after these forty days he'll be home for holidays and everything in between, so I am so happy!

I went back home and visited with my family on my Mom's side. Most of my cousins were at school or visiting other family but it was so nice to catch up with my aunts and uncles, and the cousins who were there.

I, like most people, have a goofy uncle. He loves to stir up trouble, drink to his hearts delight, and make off the wall comments that you have to laugh at, well sometimes. He decided to stir up trouble by bringing a list of 1955 suggestions for a good wife. He had me read them aloud to my aunts. They weren't pretty. Before I proceed let me express that I would absolutely love to be a housewife and stay home and raise my children during their fundamental developing years. I hope someday I'm blessed enough to do this. My own Mom was a stay at home mom and I think it shaped our relationship to be so strong. It also really helped to instill my core values, which is such a great blessing.

The list said things like a woman should have a made from scratch meal on the table every night. All electronics like the vacuum and washing machine should be off as to not stress the husband out when he arrives home. The children should be kept quiet and be clean when their father arrives home. And the wife should be beautiful at all times and interesting, a husband has a boring enough day before he gets home. Ouch!

I encouraged my aunts to make a rebuttal, and that they did! They came up with modern ideas like handing over a credit card and encouraging shopping sprees at the drop of a hat, after this shopping the women should be given foot massages for their stressful days. Once those massages are over with women should be treated to dinner at fine dining restaurants where they are to have filet Mignon and banana foster. A woman should have weekends for the girls and home made meals when she gets home from a long day.

Are both lists humorous and outlandish? Yes, but it was fun to read the list to my uncles and Dad. I was given that messenger role you see.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and had time to reflect on the meaning behind the holiday. What did you all do? Please tell me someone else balances multiple stops aside from me...


  1. Your Easter sounds hilarious! Glad you had a nice weekend! Also, I may have a knack for finding cute accessories online, but my design skills are terrible! I have no clue how to arrange tables, fabrics, etc.!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy, but fun time! We've been married for 13 years...and the way we work holidays typically is this year we were with my family for Easter. Christmas works out great. We go to my husband's parent's house on Christmas Eve and then spend time with my parents on Christmas day. I can't imagine trying to do both in one day...I would advise that you rotate, if you want my opinion. :) It makes things way more enjoyable and relaxing.


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