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While meandering through my beloved Google Reader (my second favorite reading tool after my Kindle) I stumbled upon a post that I had to take a better look at on Carissa @ lowercase letters blog.

Once there I learned her entry was in regards to a wonderful giveaway over at Aspire.
4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

Hannah wanted to know what family photos are everyone's favorites. What makes you happy and makes you recollect on wonderful family times.

Much like Hannah's entry, mine too deals with a family haven. And to me, one word comes to mind. One single heavenly word. It's a place that emulated America the way it was intended. Summer nights are full of fire flies, baseball, fish frys, apple pie, fireworks. TV isn't watched because retelling family stories is the preferred method of entertainment. This place is: Delavan

Since I was a little Delavan has been my solace. My safe haven. My favorite Summer memories are always spent there on the lake. My family all vacations there, and we tend to come together in a way only possible in Delavan.

Let's start my walk down memory lane with Childhood:

Here one of my favorite aunts helps me blow bubbles through a straw, oh the simple things in life.

Then there was Bob's introduction to my beloved Delavan:

He equally appreciated the other love of my life.

And then there is the family that I so enjoy spending time with. We grew up together more like brothers and sisters than cousins. Needless to say, we always have such fun times when we get together.

Enjoying the 4th of July with some brews, a bon fire, and each other's company.

So to me, happiness isn't found in a bank statement, or a scale. It's not found in a t.v. show or a job status. It's found with the people I love, and often in a place we gather. In Delavan our troubles are left in Chicago and we come together as family, as support, and we live life a bit simpler.

What makes you feel positively happy? Is it an activity? A place? A certain person? I'd love to know what evokes these feelings in you!


  1. Oh! It does sound like our Woodland. Isn't that just so incredible? Being able to go on a vacation together and live that out as a FAMILY. That's what's priceless.

    Wonderful post, and thanks for joining! :-)

  2. so glad you joined!!! and that is so sweet of you to post my button! : ) hannah is such a sweetheart - i hope you'll like her blog as much as i do! i did check out the vintage home... it's such a beautiful blog!

    what precious pictures and memories! i think family vacays are the best ever.

    thank you a bunch for all of your kind words!!! you are so very thoughtful.... you made me blush! : )

    i'm so excited to hear about what God has in store for your life! so glad i get to hear about your journey. i so enjoy it!

    btw, your "make your own magazine" idea rocks! i'm so impressed.

    i hope you have a fantastic saturday!

  3. This post made me have the chills and a bunch of wonderful childhood memories came rushing back. It is a good reminder that we only need the simple, yet basic thing in life to make us truly happy!

    So the most vivid memory is about a lake as well..we camped and boated basically all summer when I was younger. I always felt like Buena Vista was our home away form home. We skiied, played lawn darts, had campfires and BBQ's, and swam all day. As summer would end I would be sad.

    Thanks for this post!
    504 Main

  4. Oh wow I am so very glad you ladies liked this post. It's these comments that encourage me to keep bloggings, and in turn you bloggers who inspire me in my own day to day.

    Hannah, no problem, I am honored to be a part of that post. I agree family is priceless and the most precious thing we have here on Earth.

    Carissa, Thanks so much. It's such a blessing to find a wonderful Christian woman to blog with about the ways of everyday life. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that both your babies are doing wonderful.

    Holly I am so happy that this post gave you chills. It is so wonderful to have a family place where you have such sweet and powerful memories. I hope you have a place like Buena Vista for yourself and family still.

  5. Great post! People are the most important!

    Enjoyed reading your blog!

    Amy @ Things & Stuff

  6. Thanks so much Amy! I totally agree, it's the people in our lives that ground us and we center ourselves around, that's what matters in this word we're livin' in!


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