Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm on a boat. Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin on a boat. I'm on a boat. I'm on a boat...

Ahoy, no but seriously wanted to remind everyone about the giveaway before proceeding. You can enter all the way up until tomorrow at hm, I'll go with noon. So check it out here.

Any way, where I was going with ahoy... boat shoes. I love them and I feel like a hypocrite. I remember back in '08, a roommate of mine bought a pair on and had them shipped to our apartment. When I saw them I laughed so hard I cried, she eventually returned them.

But now, in 2010, I am ready. I love me some Sperry Top-Sider shoes. I think they're adorable and they look so comfortable. What do you think?

Sometimes it takes a little while for a style to grow on me, and these have definitely reached that status with me. You can stare mouth agape, right along side me here.


  1. I love Sperrys!!! Too bad I bought a pair for hubs and he refuses to wear them...he wore them one time a few years ago bc I made him for our engagement pictures haha!

  2. i think they are super cute. they are too preppy for me... but you never know, in another year i may be buying a pair too. i'm like you, styles have to grow on me. i know they will be adorable on you!

  3. I have 3 pairs of Sperrys and I love them!! They are super comfy and super cute!! You should definitely get some!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day. And as for what the secret is for liking the gym....I think the fact that I go with all 3 of my roomies truly helps! One of us is always pushing the others to go each day. So have someone to go with really helps!! But there are days or weeks when they aren't around so I just tell myself that if I ever want to reach my goal I have to go and a great workout playlist is a must!!


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