Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pain in my crack!

I did not disappear, although today I wish I had.

After my real estate course I thought I would tackle a harmless projects, and feel some therapeutic pride at the same time. I headed over to hobby lobby where I met my arch nemesis.

Have you heard of her before? She goes by Folk Art Crackle Medium. This broads entire purpose is to crack, and she doesn't do it. Not even under pressure.

I have an old table that I found for college. It's wood and has four chairs, and I thought it would be wonderful to paint it a creamy coffee hue and finish it with buttermilk to get a brown crack through the lighter shade.
I bought spray paint for a smooth look, and the man at the Hobby Lobby told me it was A-OK it wasn't acrylic. Wrong.
It bunched up under the crackle formula. So I ran to Michael's. I bought acrylic paint and an abundance of crackle formula.
When I got home I realized I would need to get my mistake off that darn table. I used a mineral solution and when that didnt' work. I used a power sander (my first time), and then I enlisted the help of stripper.
I'd never used it before (not to anyone unfamiliar, without gloves this baby burns like Spring Break in Cancun sans sun block)
So after several hours the table looks normal, and I thought well why don't I at least try the effects on one of the chairs. I painted my dark color. Waited for the crackle to dry for about 15 minotos and applied my lighter top coat. Then I waited... And waited.. and waited. Nothing happened.
I googled crackle, I you tubed crackle paint. And everything told me something different.
I think the only thing crackling is my sanity. Just kidding.
I read to apply the top coat while the crackle is still wet. Then elsewhere I read to apply the top coat after the crackle has sit for hours.
Have any of you experienced with crackle paint? Any attempts to rid me of this insanity would be so wonderful.
I keep painting the three colors over each other hoping for a different effect.
In between the lines would read: [Katie is incredibly stubborn. If she can't figure said project out she will continue to try until the stripper leaves her without a table. This is a weakness, but at least I am aware. ]
Help me, pleaseeee?


  1. I love to take furniture or other household items and paint them, but I've never used crackle before. What a frustrating project for sure! Maybe a paint store would be able to give you some tips. Ugh!!! I feel your frustration.

  2. Heidi, I loved that you told me to talk to a paint store because it was only then that I actually called their hot line and found out how to properly crackle furniture, ha.


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