Tuesday, May 11, 2010

9 by Design

Have you seen this Bravo show?


I just ingested two episodes and a glass of wine. 9 by Design.. Honestly, it’s Sublime!

It follows this very hip and trendy couple who live in NYC with 7 (yes seven, that was not a typo) children. They completely revamp old spaces and move from home to home with their children. Along the way they make a rather hefty profit.

I like them. They don’t seem at all like Jon & Kate. They’re mellow and grateful for each other’s influence in their family’s lives.

I do find several elements a little odd though. Like the fact they named a son 5. He was the fifth born. I remember watching a movie as a child about a little boy who was named 7. In the movie, has some serious psychological problems, and even at the impressionable age of 8, I knew numerical names were not a strong choice.


If you haven’t seen their show yet, they’re currently offering both their previous and present homes on the market. They are priced respectively, around 15 mil. and 25 mil. I reckon, this family of 9 must be doing something right.

Have you seen this show yet?  It’s on Demand. Let me know your thoughts, I’m curious if anyone else found it as captivating as I did!

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  1. I haven't seen or heard of that show. It certainly sounds quite entertaining. WOW - 7 children. That's amazing!


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