Friday, May 28, 2010

Beautiful Burlap

burlap [ˈbɜːlæp]


(Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) a coarse fabric woven from jute, hemp, or the like

[from borel coarse cloth, from Old French burel (see bureau) + lap1]


Bottom Line: I love Burlap. You can find it in pottery barn on pillows, drapery, and lamp shades. I wanted to infuse this textile into my life.

First I started with an old table from my college days. I have to admit it was found in the garbage. I was driving home from work in my younger years and stopped in amazement when in my very neighborhood I saw a kitchen table. An object my housemates and I needed! I wheeled the round wooden table to my trunk and hoisted it up on my own! It did us very good through beer pong and late night pizza. But it needed a makeover. Gone is the 80’s wood and in it’s place is my beloved Rustoleum Heirloom White table!


This was my original surface. (Notice the lack of drop cloth. My driveway didn’t take kindly to this)


I then painted it Nutmeg and then… changed my mind. I wanted white, so several coats of stripper later and I was back to square one. It’s a learning experience, my friends!


So I painted it Heirloom White and finished the top off with an acrylic paint to hide the streaks of my spray paint. I used the same method with my chairs and antiqued the wood by sanding it before finished with a polycrylic spray for protection.


I decided I then wanted needed burlap cushions. I skipped my way to Hobby Lobby and bought the beloved fabric along with foam cushions. I asked the gal cutting the fabric how she would go about sewing burlap. She told me she wouldn’t attempt it and would use fabric glue. Then both the cutter and the lady behind me in line made squeamish faces and looked appalled when they heard I was using burlap fabric. They kept saying “Are you sure you want to use burlap!?” Ugh, yeah.

I politely and a bit over zealously told them that I was sure, and that burlap was the next best thing since the wheel. I then took my fabric home and got to work.

I cut my foam cushions to fit my chairs, for starters. I then used the cushion to guestimate estimate how much burlap I would need per cushion. I cut the fabric to my desired size and used fabric glue to press the edges together. I simply hold the glue in place for about 45 seconds and it was a done deal.

I wanted a custom look and I love fonts so I decided to use numbers. I printed off 1-4 on my computer to number off my chairs and cut the black out in order to make a stencil. I then (do not read if you are a by the book type of person) took a black sharpie and colored in my makeshift stencils. It looked like paint and was more accurate than paint could have been, in this girl’s hand.



019 021


So here is my finished table with two of the four chairs. It’s currently sitting in my basement for the time being, but I think it looks divine. I love burlap and it’s surprisingly comfortable. My Mother who refuses to use anything unless it is practical was even surprised at how comfortable the cushions are.

Burlap is a gateway fabric. I have opened  a dangerous new window into the world of burlap for myself. I see burlap lampshades and drop cloth curtains in my very near future. Do you like burlap? Do you like white tables? I pray you say yes to both!


  1. oh my gosh I LOVE that!!!! Want to come help me fix stuff up at my house?

  2. That turned out so cute! I would have never guessed you used a sharpie for the numbers :)

    The last time I went to Joann Fabrics they thought I was crazy because I was looking for fabric that resembled old grain sacks...These people need to get a Pottery Barn catalog! haha

    Love the burlap and the white table :)

  3. Taylor, thank you so much. Girl, if you move to Chicago you have yourself a decorator and a baby sitter. :)

    Jenna, You feel my pain then with harrumphing fabric clerks. I agree about the PB catalog. Next time I go in I'm going to have the catalog in my purse to show them I am sane, haha. Thanks :)

  4. Love your creativity, Katie. I wish I knew the secret in convincing my hubby to let me paint a bunch of wood furniture that we have. Oh, it would look so much better - more updated...he just has this thing about natural looking wood.


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