Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coppertone Baby

Skin, our largest and most vulnerable organ.

Sun, The Sun is the most prominent feature in our solar system. It is the largest object and contains approximately 98% of the total solar system mass.

And what do we do folks? Mesh the two, for some ungodly combinations.


It’s a fickle relationship. I for one should not be tanning. In fact the safest place for this girl would be in doors. When I was 14 I was found to have a condition where my skin is more likely to produce melanoma. I have never had it, though I’ve had 5+ moles removed in the past 10 years, one of which would have developed into the cancer. Should I tan? NO! Do I? Sometimes.

They say the sun emits endorphins, and this girl can attest to that. I feel prettier in the sun and with a suntan I feel like a different person. The kicker is I can already see faint fine lines at 24. I have an incredible skin care regime and the best lotions and serums a girl could ask for. Yet isn’t it kind of silly to be applying these creams to a red face, like I did tonight?

Here I am pale:



And Bronzed:



So there you have it, my need for color straight from the go to source (I don’t like the smell of fake baking, but bronzer is my home girl).

Heck even celebrities seem to have different ideas over which is in vogue and what aspect to take in regards to the sun. Nicole Kidman has flawless skin and she religiously covers up, as seen here.


Or how about this once lighter complected starlet to turn the tables:eva

What is your take on the sun? Is the baking worth the consequences later? Do you sun bathe or are you mostly covered and an advocate of the SPF? Maybe your views will help sway me one way or the other.


  1. I too LOVE the sun and when I was younger, I would spend HOURS trying to get as tan as possible (the sun as well as tanning beds). I've had a couple scares with moles as well, so I am a bit more careful...I love the look of a tan...lotions/bronzers seem to work pretty well...Hey, you gave me an idea for a possible blog post. Perhaps I will dig out some old photos to show my days of being tan.

  2. i'm not going to lie, i like to be tan!!! everything just looks better tan - especially my fat! : ) i would go to the tanning bed, but my hubby banned me in the interest of my health. you look beautiful both ways!

  3. I love to be tan...but I don't *tan*. I sort of hope that I'll get tan just being outside doing other things (and I normally do)...but...I burn pretty easily and I don't really want to risk wrinkles later on.

  4. Heidi, You should totally show some pictures from your past, I'd love them!

    Carissa, That is sweet of Kelly to do, you also look beautiful just the way you are. I'm digging your new do also!

    Carlotta, burning is one of the worst feelings ever. I agree, wrinkles later are def not something to aim for.

    You ladies are so sweet. I feel it's always that inner fight between being sun kissed but also wrinkle free. I know my future older self will be looking back and saying "You should have just worn bronzer!"


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