Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Testing, 1, 2, 3 Testing...

So I had my exam yesterday, and everything imaginable that could have gone wrong did. It was humorous looking back, to say the very least.

The girl next to me was trying to cheat off of my exam and when I would cover up my answers she would loudly whisper "SHOW ME YOUR ANSWER SHEET", to which I of course ignored..

The teacher presented us with the wrong midterm initially so for the first hour I was so confused as to how I didn't know any of the material. He then gave us the right test...

And I ended up not getting the score I was aiming for. But you know what? I learned what to study for the next real estate exam, and I am not wavered by this experience what so ever. So that is all I could hope for.

I wish I had a fun weekend recap but unfortunately my weekend consisted of Barnes and Noble, excessive amounts of iced tea, and my flash cards. Yes flash cards, why leave a good study method?

I hope you all had a bit more fun than I did.


  1. But atleast its over right? that iced tea does look really yummy.

  2. Oh my goodness...that is crazy that the girl next to you was trying to cheat. The whole thing sounds kind of comical, but at least you got the score you were aiming for. So, how much longer until you finish all your classes and exams?

  3. Yes atleast it's over and I now know what to do to prepare for my next exam!

    I will be done with the class June 14th but have this week off now so I will be well prepared for the rest of the class. Then I have to pass the State boards to become certified so I can play with houses.


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