Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tying it together…

So for approximately the past 2 days I have been hard at work. I sometimes decide to conquer a new challenge full on without really thinking of what is required. ie. experience or practice.

10 years ago when I was a freshman in high school I took sewing. I made adorable pajamas and a hoodie. I had mad skill, to put it eloquently. Fast forward to present day and I have found sewing inspiration, from the blogging world, and all of your projects. I decided I wanted to make Bob something that I had sewn. He has been mentioning the need for some new ties and I thought “Terrific, alas Katie! You can sew and be the tie hero for your boyfriend. You can make him a tie! Heck, if this goes as planned perhaps you can make all of his ties and your domesticity will shine through!” Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself in my daydreams.

I found a incredibly thorough and wonderful tutorial for a tie on this incredible sewing blog. This woman is a guru, no joke. I went to Jo Ann’s and bought from fabric that looked similar to Tory Burch to me. I upgraded my sewing machine and I was set.

Unfortunately I didn’t read the instructions all the way through before deciding the pattern was a bit too thick and hacking off inches from it. Thus my tie is ridiculously skinny and lacking a figure. My Dad tried it on last night and laughed, he looked like he’d stepped into Barnum and Bailey’s ring. But you know what?

I tried.

It could be hung up somewhere for a cute decoration and it’s practice in itself. I’m sharing it even though it didn’t turn out perfect because real life is messy. It’s not perfect so my blog can’t be and neither can this lady.



Next time I think I will try something a bit simpler to get my confidence level back up. Like a pillow case. If I do we’ll call it a sham to make it sound more difficult.

I’m off to Bob’s campus until Saturday to watch him graduate and bring him home for good! Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

If you have any sewing projects you’d like to share, I would be so excited to learn more about them!

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  1. You are so cute, Katie...I give you credit for trying! That is cool looking fabric...I wonder if you could use it as a cute little belt for yourself...hmmm... :)


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