Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Light of my Life

I can never sing enough praises about Target. So many of their products appear to be more high end than meets the eye. Basically you can score some incredible finds that look more Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn than Super Target.

I perused the lighting section of Target the other day and had to stop myself from drooling all over their aisles. Seriously, I don’t know who their design directors are but I. am. in. love.

Want to see what I’m talkin’ about? Good.


How divine is this glass jug with a cursive No. 5. And for $39.99… swoooooon.

Let’s compare that to this:


This gem is priced at $400.00 on Newport Nautical Decor. Just my opinion, but I’d take the glass Target jug any day, even if they were the same price.

My second lovely light crush is a tripod. I’ve seen them before, though not in a table lamp size.


Is this lamp handsome or what? Trust me, it is possible to have a handsome lamp on our hands, this proves it. And for $25.48 this girl is s o l d.

Although, if you’d rather pay more for some odd ball reason you can find practically the same lamp:


This pricey gem was $431.25 but is now a mere $289.99. Honestly, again I think the Target version looks much better. 

Target- 2, Fancy Shmancy companies- 0.

What great finds have you found at Target? Do you want to run out and grab that jug before they’re on back order or is it just me?


  1. I love me some Target! I am a Target-aholic..and i need help! haha!

    And I love that first lamp! So cute!!

  2. When I visited America I LOVED target! So much home decor so little time : )

    Gemma X

  3. I get SOOO many of my decor for our house at Target and people constantly think it's Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn... better for my wallet for sure!

  4. I really like that Tripod lamp. So cool...I love the fact that they have hip stuff without being so outrageously expensive. It's hip to LOVE Target! :)

  5. I love that everyone is so proud to admit their adoration for Target. I mean who doesn't love a good deal? And being an extreme bargain hunter is more in than ever before!


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