Monday, June 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

It’s that time of month again. Time for top 2tuesday with Taylor, the undomestic momma.

top2Todays top 2 tuesday is asking:

 “What top 2 reality shows you would like to be on?”

When I was single I would have loved to be on the Bachelorette. Obviously, this is no longer the case. But instead I would absolutely love to have Bravo make a new Real Housewives show; Real Housewives of Chicago

1. Real Housewives of Chicago.  I am obsessed with real housewives. Call it superficial entertainment, but in this world sometimes that’s all I can handle when everything else is so extreme. I would love to be on this show in a couple years, it would be incredible, well as long as they edit me in my favor.

Tangent: This just in. Bethenny from Real Housewives of New York has just announced she is going to be leaving the show.

imageTotal Bummer. Though I love love love her spin off show: Bethenny Getting Married.  Jason, her hubs, is hysterical and he deals with her neuroticisms perfectly. She’s also as neurotic as I am and that I dig. So as long as she stays on air, I’m okay.


2. design star

image[photo credit: here]

I love design star and principally I really adore most any show on my beloved HGTV. It would be incredible to have an opportunity to have a spin off show on HGTV. It would also be so wonderful to have these room challenges and all of the means to finish them. I am a very competitive person by nature and this show would really be fun to compete on.

This season I really like Tera Hampton.

image[photo credit: here] 

She is cute as a button and has a Southern Twang. I’m a Midwestern gal with a crush on anything southern, I swear. Her rooms are incredible too.

image [photo credit: here]

What about you? What two shows would you love to be on?

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  1. I love all realhouswives shows!
    I think that Real Houswives of NY is my absolute FAVORITE!

    so much DRAMA!!



  2. I chose Real Housewives too, because I just can't stop watching their continual trainwreck-iness! Bethenny is leaving!? She was my favorite on NY. :(

  3. I watch design star and can not believe they cut Terra and NOT Nina from the mix. I am debating whether I want to watch it this

  4. I love Real Housewives and Design Star!! :)

  5. Brianna- I hear you it is so easy to get hooked into real housewives, it's like watching a train wreck.

    Mrs. D- Ha, I just noticed you used train wreck to describe them too!! It's so true though, right? I know Bethenny is by far my favorite too. Have you caught her new show yet?

    Tomingo- Your comment made me so happy. Seriously, what is wrong with a yellow room? I mean she had three room elements that were strongly infused in the space. More than a throw blanket in a laundry bin, or a chair. Don't get me started, ha.

    Sammy- Me too. Oh Reality TV, where would we be without it?

  6. Bethenny is SOOO my favorite! I adore her show and watch it weekly. I LOVED The Real Housewives of New York as well, one of my guilty pleasures!


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