Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am going to discuss something from this week’s episode of The Bachelorette. And no it is not Vienna and Jake. Less vile and more happy and beautiful is this subject matter. Let’s talk the bracelet Ali was given by Chris.

I thought the bracelet was so unique and immediately loved it. I truly didn’t think anything more about it until today when I was at dinner with Bob’s family celebrating his Mom’s birthday. His Mom, the hip woman she is, was wearing Ali’s the same bracelet! Her sister who is from Boston gave it to her. I knew then that I would add it to my wish list and find out how to get one. I didn’t care how many Google searches it took, I needed answers, by gone it!  Apparently it’s called a Cape Cod bracelet and is considered the ultimate item to have in the Cape.

image image

                                                                          [1, 2]

I was shocked to see such an “it” item for the first time and no less twice in the past two days in random and completely different places. I love this bracelet, the ball is the clasp and screws shut. It’s elegant and simple. Chris gave Ali a silver and gold one, like the first one in the 2nd photo. She loved it too, naturally.

What about you, do you love this bracelet too? Have you seen it before?

Boy, do I want.


  1. The cape cod bracelet is definitely a New England staple. There are a lot of replicas out there, but the real ones are from Cape Cod Jewelers (you can find them online if you're not on the cape). I absolutely love mine and never take it off! Its the perfect piece of jewelry- simple and classic.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Your new blog look is soooo adorable! I love you painting the walls...great colors/design, all of the above!

    I think that bracelet would look simply stunning on you. :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for finding my blog, so I could find's so cute!! And I agree, I love that bracelet, it's so simple, yet gorgeous! So thoughtful of Chris - another reason why he is my favorite :)

  4. ...Also, wanted to let you know, that I gave you an award in my last post :)

  5. This bracelet is lovely! I've been looking for a simple silver bangle for ages..this is great!!

    I love silver so i'd have to have the silver one. Which one would you choose?

    Gemma X

  6. Meghan I am ridiculously happy that you were able to give me the run down on this bracelet, definitely helps know what to do when it comes purchasing time, thank you!

    Emily Ann, Thank you so much for this award, pretty girl! I am absolutely honored that you thought of me for this. Your blog is definitely deserving of such an award too!

    Heidi, thank you so much!

    Gemma, I agree with you I love the silver, though I think I would choose the multi colored one to match all of my jewelry and help tie it in.

  7. I live under a rock, so this is news to me (of course). I'm way too cheap to fork over $100+ for the real thing, so I'll stick with my old charm bracelet cuff. It actually reminds me of the Cape Cod Double Ball Bracelet on the Cape Cod Jewelry website. Of course, mine is a cuff - but it's close enough for me! ;)

  8. I want the bracelet too!!! I'm so glad you reminded me. :)

  9. SO glad you found my blog. You are darling! And that bracelet is beautiful. I thought that was so sincere for him to get that for her. Great gift :)

  10. Love those bracelets! I thought it was really sweet and sincere of him. Vienna and Jake - wow what a nightmare!
    P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  11. Cute blog, girl!! I just found you :_

    I was watching the show thinking 'OMG, I want one of these' and voila, you've done the homework! Ha!

  12. Carrie, That is so awesome that you pretty much already have this bracelet. I would love to find that out.

    JPO, I'm so glad that Bachelor Chris gave it to her or I'd be in the dark.

    Mrs. Hesson, Great give indeed. I'd love to drop a hint or two for a certain man who may be looking for an appropriate gift for me.

    The Pink Tutu, Of course, I love your blog. Seriously I wonder if there will be any more Vienna and Jake drama or if that was it.

    Aly, Thank you so much for stopping by and following me! That makes me a little bit giddy, not going to lie. Let me know if you end up buying the bracelet.


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