Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hats off

Listen here, Ladies. There is a calling and I am the one beckoning. For hats, for us all. Remember the good ol’ days? seeing photos of ladies looking classy as can be? Well those photos are what I wish we could emulate. I know I would feel a wee bit classier with a hat.


image image

I was telling Bob about this, this past weekend. I said

“I just wish I were able to pull of a pill box hat.”

He didn’t know what type of hat I meant. Reasonably so. This preludes to the times I explained tule and spanx. I digress, It is exceptionally refreshing to be dating a boy’s boy.


Exhibit A. How cute is this hat? You can’t tell me come December you wouldn’t feel a little bit fresher in such an accessory?

image Okay look at Jackie O. in a pill box hat. Am I persuading you yet?

How about I show you some fancy gents in their top hat finest?

image image And the obviously perfectly dressed couple?image

What do you think? Should style remain in their proper past or would you enjoy a refresher on fashionable hats?

I can’t wait to read your responses.


  1. I love hats! What style...

  2. I'm a little old fashioned so I love the classy hats of the past! I think it would be really great to give them a fresh twist and bring them back. :)

  3. I ADORE hats and though do not wear them much during winter...I do during Fall and Winter! Always have, and think I shall always do so. I love a great pill box or beret depending on the outfit and last season I spotted a fur pill box and could kick myself for not buying it! So YES, bring them back!!

  4. I love the mix of old fashion and new! You're right though..hats do add a touch of class and elegance : )

    You have to have the right hair style in my opinion.

    Gemma x

  5. I look horrible in hats. Seriously - horrible. But I love all the pictures you posted. I always envied Carrie's ability to wear hats on SATC. I wish I was that girl that could pull it off - but I just can't. But I do think they are so elegant and classy. Just not on me... :)

  6. you've convinced me!!! : ) where can i get one?! anything jackie wore, i want to wear.

    p.s. - thank you for your sweet comment.


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