Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What’s in a name?

Handsome’s Dad, Handsome Sr., once told him,“The sweetest sound to anyone is hearing their own name being spoken.”

It really is true, think about how much more a conversation is enjoyed when someone uses your name to personalize their feelings for you. I love it and I love my name. I love names to begin with. Surnames, baby names, nicknames, blog names. You name it I like it.

I also love Etsy. If you’re new to my blog let me share with you my proclamation of love for

Etsy: Best website invention ever. The ability to personalize crafts and give and receive some of the most original items on the planet. Making me look good since I discovered it in 2009.

Going along with names and tying that into etsy, I’d love to share with you some of the coolest monogrammed items I’ve found while perusing that heavenly website.

imageHow adorable are these coasters? I was lucky enough to win a set of these with Handsome and my initials. I kid you not I’ve never seen my man swoon and I think I saw it happen upon the inspection of this glorious gift. Don’t tell him I told you though, he’ll deny it.  You can find these table saving name proclaiming gems at Whimsy Creations by Ann.

imageMaybe I’m just a sucker for baby names and this caters just to that. I find this room adorable and love the idea of a personalized nursery for a new addition. I think this monogram looks so elegant and modern. Urban Walls is the place to get these.  

imageBe still my heart. Seriously, I’ve wanted one of these stamped return addresses for quite some time. How handy and cute are they? When I get married this may be the first thing I go and do after calling my Mom. Oh and telling you all of course. For $15 it really isn’t bad to have even if you’re just renting. The Scribbling Club sells them. Bottom line: Fun etsy store name and fun product. I want. 

imageAlright so this pillow is darling. I’m sorry I tend to use language my grandma would find hip. But I can’t think of a better word to use in describing this ruffled pillow. It is also green in the sense that these buttons were all recycled. How adorable would one of these in a His and Hers name letter be on opposite sides of the bed. Letter Perfect Designs has got it going on. They have a wide array of styles for their different letters and pillows.   Ch Ch Check it out.

image If you know me you wouldn’t be surprised to learn I love foliage. This can be seen in yesterdays wedding post filled with branches galore. More importantly, I love moss. Monogrammed Moss? Don’t mind if I do. Restruct3 is a store that offers a wide variety of moss lettering and in different fonts. These letters are perfect for home decor or a wedding.

imageI warn you, my future children will be seen wearing darling monogrammed outfits all the time, if I can help it. Anyone familiar with Kelly’s Korner knows how adorable her precious daughter Harper is always dressed. I would love a baby wardrobe similar for my someday babies. This jumper is timeless and classic, BudsnBranches did a phenomenal job here.  Seriously the more I look at this store the more in love I am with custom children's wear.

image For the modern day traveler, nothing can be worse than waiting in baggage claim for the conveyor belt to show your luggage. When there are four navy suitcases all baring resemblance to one another a luggage tag can give your bag the personalization you need, enter Everyday Grace by Andrea Martin. She offers luggage tags in various colors, though one thing they all have in common is sophistication and class. Basically I would love nothing more than to travel with one of these tags.

So there you have it. My top favorite monogrammed items on sweet sweet Etsy. What monogrammed items do you like? Maybe you can show me some I’ve yet to conquest, I hope you do!


  1. I love Etsy too..such great finds on there! It's amazing to see what some people create : )

    Gemma x

  2. Gemma I agree. It's literally a never ending craft fair, really I don't think there is anything better.

  3. ohhh, Katie! :)

    Fun post. I agree that there is something so sweet about names. I like that pillow idea - thank you...I have a lot of extra buttons, so I may have to do that as a project one of these days.

    The other thing that I totally love are the signs that people have when they get married...such as "Smith Family Established 2000" So cool!

    Have a great day!

  4. Be still my heart. I must get one of those wall decals for my son's room!! LOVE this post!

  5. I have one of those address stamps. AWESOME! But unfortunately, we just moved so now I need a new one. :(

  6. Oo I love the luggage tags! So pretty!

  7. I love the monogrammed coasters! I need coasters and something like that would be prefect. I was thinking of doing a monogram on my next furniture piece.


  8. my name is sarah, and i am addicted to etsy and all things monogrammed.

    thanks for all your sweet comments lately! girl i LOVE chicago and birthday's. let's get this party planned! haha!

  9. How cool! I love anything monogrammed as well, and they make for the perfect shower/wedding/baby gift! Those coasters are awesome - my guy would love them too :)

  10. i agree! having my sheets monogrammed just makes me smile- silly i know but I love it!


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