Monday, July 26, 2010

Yo Home, Smell Ya Later!

I haven’t done a top 2 tuesday in ions, not okay. top2

I was excited to join in with Taylor’s top 2 tuesday, especially because it is all about favorite scents and perfumes.

Did you know scents are powerful enough to trigger an old memory? We have such a psychological trigger to the power of certain scents that memories that were forgotten can be recalled through smell.

1.) My absolute favorite perfume is Stella by Tocca. Tocca describes their scent more eloquently than I could ever.


"Stella is infused with the slightly sweet, never bitter, and always fresh scent of blood orange. With its origins coming from 17th Century Sicily, the blood orange is harmonious with Tocca's philosophy of combining the best of old world traditions with modern influences.”

Friends meet Stella…

imageShe’s even prettier in person. I also have her in this solid form, perfect for the purse.

imageBottom line I love this scent, I love the romantic bottles, I love that the majority of the scents are names after women involved in famous romances. It’s dreamy and feminine.   

2.) I also love the smell of laundry. I don’t know why but clean linen makes me happier than words. So what could be better than a perfume meant to smell clean? I think the CLEAN perfume line was such an intelligent idea.

CLEAN describes the scent as “Warm from the dryer, fluffy towel fresh and CLEAN. As familiar as your favorite just washed t-shirt. Smell this good all the time with notes of Brazilian Orange, Rose Otto, Night Blooming White Jasmine, Cotton Blossom and Mexican Lime. An irresistible just laundered scent from CLEAN.”

image So those are my favorite perfumes, but what about you? I’d love to learn about some other perfumes I haven’t yet smelled. Have you tried either of these? Happy Tuesday, enjoy the last week of July too!


  1. I've never smelled either of these but I know I would LOVE the clean one!

  2. I have never smelled Stella, but am always looking for new fragrances. Right now, I switch between Jessica Simpson (day time - vanilla based), Nanette Lapore (fun and flirty for day or night) and Valentino's Absolut (sexy and spicy for a date or a night out) - all different but all amazing!

    Also, thank you for your sweet comment! I currently work for Limited Brands in Columbus, Victoria's Secret specifically :)

  3. those sounds fabulous! Scents always bring back old memories for me!

  4. I want to smell both of those. I'm especially intrigued by Stella...I'm gonna have to go to Sephora or someplace to check them out.

    For years I haven't worn much perfume, because it tends to really bother Rob's senses...but only to certain kinds. I have been wearing Armani Code recently and really like that scent.

  5. Miss Chelsea- I'd def recommend heading over to Sephora and smelling it, they have a whole line of different types of clean fragrances. I honestly love 'em all!

    Ms. Emily- I love VS and the Limited, I bet that would be a great company to work for. If Nanette Lapore's fragrances are as great as their clothing I bet it's to die for! I want to check out that scent now.

    Taylor- I know it's crazy how we have such ties to smells, I love how smart our bodies are.

    Heidi- Let me know if you check these perfumes out. Does Armani Code bother Rob? I wonder if he'd be better with essential oils like Rose.

  6. I've smelled the CLEAN line at Sephora but can't remember which one I liked best! But I loved how light and airy it was.

  7. Hey Shannon -
    Armani Code doesn't seem to bother Rob, unless I put too much on. (so I'm careful) ha ha...I have wondered too about the whole essential oils thing...Have a great weekend!


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