Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today marks Bob’s birthday. I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I fell hard for this young man.


We’ve both done more growing up than I knew was even possible at 18. I now know:

Midriff baring shirts should never reappear.

That a man who will coincidentally wear your favorite color (the only time to date he ever has) on the same day  as you is a keeper.

Liz Claiborne would merely be a “gateway” bag for my purse collection.

College life would shape both Bob and I more than our classes would (sorry Mom).

Your nails will grow once you stop biting them.

Distance will make the heart grow fonder, but things work out the way they’re meant to.

I know we still have so much to learn and I’m excited for our lessons, especially with Handsome by my side.

Today I watched his youngest brother who is 5, yes you read that right, 5. Jack is cuter than words and hams it up the entire time. He makes the same facial expressions as Bob and truly looks like a mini man. It makes my heart melt and he helped me prepare Bob’s birthday gifts. I thought I’d share a couple of my past present successes for any note taking for your own special man.

imageMonogrammed Trail Journal- This orvis journal is perfect for the nature lovin’ man in your life. It is leather bound and comes in a variety of different trails. It also can be monogrammed with that special recipient’s initials for a truly personal touch. I gave this to Bob when we were just dating 6 months and he was ecstatic. His parents since had one made for his brother and they have become gung ho for Orvis

imageRunner’s Watch- In high school Handsome was quite the cross country buff and he still thrives in the outdoors. Bob is to outdoors as Katie is to hotels.  I bought him a watch very similar to this for our 1 year anniversary. It was made for Ironman triathlons and tabulates your speed, your location, your distance, etc.


Dress Shirts and Ties- When Handsome has an interview or something big coming up I’ve been known to go and get him a new shirt and tie to wear to the occasion. i know I always feel better going to a nerve wrecking interview if I’m dressed in something new that makes me feel great. I usually head out to J Crew for these finds for him and it’s proved to be lucky.



Cologne- Armani cologne in  acqua di gio is my all time favorite men’s cologne. It smells upscale and sexy all rolled into one. I’ve never met a girl who dislikes this smell. Prove me wrong, I dare you. Bob used this until it ran out which reminds me this could be a future gift as well. Hmm..


Keith Urban- I’ve had K Urban shipped to Bob on more than one occasion. Kidding, Kidding.  But I have surprised him with tickets to see Keith and boy were we blown away. He seriously puts on a show unlike any other I’ve ever seen. He wants his fans to have more than a good time but leave with an experience, and he truly does not disappoint. If you like country music you need to see him in concert, he brings Tim McGraw to shame.


I’ll share Bob’s gift with you manana. He always spoils a surprise and I’m not about to give anything away here in the world wide interweb before he sees it. I hope your Thursday goes off without a hitch.


  1. You two look so cute!! So young : )

    I hope you have a great day!

    Gemma x

  2. Awww. sweet. When are you getting married?! :)

  3. So cute! Happy Birthday, Bob. I wanna know the did you two meet? :)


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