Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Immaculately Polished

I’m sorry I’ve been so sporadic lately. I promise this will be changing very soon. I feel with Summer ending and trying to find a job in the worst way while mission impossible studying looms I get a little crazy and this blog takes the heat.

It is no secret I love nail polish, I probably paint my nails once a week and love it. I recently was introduced to OPI’s Chicago line and I had to share the beaut’s named in honor of my beloved city.

See for yourself:


I’m wearing Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes right now, and it is such a welcoming Fall hue.  

I’d love to be given this collection for Christmas (hint, hint) Though Handsome’s Thursday Birthday is currently the big celebration on my mind. What is your man’s favorite gift from you?


  1. LOVING these new colors!!! although i have to admit, i just bought Italian Love Affair (a light pink) for our engagement party this weekend because my dress is pink, but I am READY for the fall colors ASAP

  2. How cool! Lincoln Park After Dark has been one of my favorite fall/winter hues for the few years, but I had no idea it went with a whole Chicago collection! I love the Grape Lakes too!

    My guy says he likes everything I get him~ although there are quite a few things that have gone untouched :) ... but I think his favorite was our past anniversary where I just told him to pick out whatever he wanted and I would get it for him. After I talked him out of a boring external hard drive, he decided on a fabulous pair of jeans. They were way more fun to buy, and it was an excuse to get him in a mall! :)

  3. Natasha, I am going to have to go look at Italian Love Affair as soon as I am done writing this. I can't wait to see pictures of your dress for this weekend. You always have adorable taste in clothing. Any idea of what you'd don for a Chicago Bears game?

    Emily, That makes me so happy that Lincoln Park After Dark is one of your favorite colors. I feel like my purchase was a good one then, ha. I know what you mean I've given Bob several gifts that have been great at collecting dust. I think you went a great route by letting him pick out a pair of jeans. And anytime I can get my man in a retail location I feel victorious, so I know the "We're in the mall" feeling.


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