Monday, August 9, 2010

Lady And The Tramp

Today I was Lady and the mugger was the Tramp.

What Mugger?

Well Bob and I were at lunch in the lovely downtown Chicago. I suggested we eat at a small affordable cafe in the loop of the city. I had ate their quietly many times, reading novels on my own.

Bob and I took our chicken wraps to the most corner booth of the establishment and sat down to discuss an interview I had schedule an hour ahead, and an interview he’d had only a short hour before. It was perfect, beautiful weather, lovely ambience, city energy.

All of a sudden I felt TUG, TUG, TUG! I turned around half expecting to find my Shelbalina in the city but instead I found a large man digging through my once zipped purse. He was somewhere between my hot pink clad kindle and Kate Spade planner when I yelled something alone the lines of, “Get a job loser, everyone else works for their money!”

Before I could click my heels three times an undercover cop who happened to wear my favorite beloved jersey (White Sox, Podsednik, 22) had him in handcuffs. The lovely gentleman belligerent thief was yelling that I apparently was hallucinating, and “It aint not like he murdered no one.”

And you wonder why Nashville, in the lovely South, would be my preferred city of residence?

I was so shaken up and had to watch as this man was carted away, yelling profanities at me. He didn’t get anything, though he damn near tried. One of the police men was less than cordial. Luckily my Father’s best friend arrived at the scene and preserved my vindication and reputation to my relief.

For the job I’ve been applying, I hear this is more than common. I hear jobs in Southern cities are more prevalent than up North where I live. Maybe even in my line of study and expertise, Public Relations. Regardless, have you ever been the victim of a heinous crime? Have you ever been mugged? Perhaps you’ve had to correct a police officer on the proper spelling of “Connecticut” and listen when he bevels in the fact that it spells Connect. I cut.


I hope your Monday was better. Either way don’t tell me how “Bachelor Pad” ends. I have a bottle of Riesling and DVR on hold. I’m just so thankful that God is good, all the time. He provided me with The City’s finest so that an atrocious man did not escape prosecution.


  1. Oh my goodness, Katie! That is just awful...but I'm SO glad they caught the guy. That's a terrible feeling to be violated like that. Yikes!

    Once I had my car stolen, only to have it found across the street at a grocery store parking lot a few days later. I don't know if they ever caught the person(s), but someone...and I'm not sure who, returned the stuff that was in my glove box. Weird...I don't think they ended up taking anything in the long run.

    Well, I hope the rest of your week goes much better, my friend. :)

  2. so glad that you are ok and that he didn't get anything from you. stay safe, sweetie!

  3. Hi Katie!

    I'm so sorry about what happened! Atleast they caught the guy and no one got hurt.

    Hope the rest of your week is better..take some time to relax!

    Gemma x

  4. Yikes!! My girlfriend just had her purse stolen on Saturday (she lives in Chicago too). ;-(

  5. Thank you all so much for your sweet and supportive comments. It means a lot to come here after a rough and chaotic day like yesterday and find your kind words.

    Heather, did they catch the guy? I know Chicago's a big city, but I can't help wondering if its the same man. I went on a job interview right after and met a woman who'd just been mugged by the guy 20 minutes before me.

  6. OH my word you have got to be kidding! That is crazy. I'm so sorry that happened to you :( Although, I love what you said to him! ha. Sounds like something I would say.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love new visitors and especially the ones cheering me on in this journey!

    I cannot believe your near mugging! How scary! Thank God there was a cop nearby to take care of things. So glad you were not hurt!

  8. Oh my goodness, girl! I'm so glad you were ok and that there was a cop there to help you! How scary!

    You should definitely move to the South : ) Nashville is a BEAUTIFUL and safe city...

    Thank God everything turned out ok!!

  9. whoa that's so freaky! definitely an experience you won't soon forget


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