Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nice Rims

While at dinner with my parents last night we got a phone call from my little sister.

I should mention: Mare is the biggest animal lover, she recently became a certified dog groomer and when it comes to animals I’ve never seen such a big heart.

Well anyway, back to our Mexican dinner, Mare calls and is in a full blown panic because she has just found two kittens in the rim of my Dad’s truck! And to think we almost drove his car to dinner.

We always wanted kittens growing up, though we are through and through Dog People. My Dad is very allergic, however. We promised Mare we’d finish and dinner and hurry to pay the bill and rush home. When we got there we found Mare on the driveway, her arms full of precious fur balls.

002My Dad said he knew it was a lost cause as soon as he saw the kittens with my sister. Our next door neighbors who have cats came by and guessed the little ones to be no older than 5 weeks.

004Aaand here are the fur ladies close up. I didn’t look blog worth hence the crop, los siento. 

We headed on over to Petsmart, and for the first time we went to the Cat section, weird. By the time we left they had a carry cage, formula, and food. It was evident they weren’t going anywhere.

Mare’s is the one on the left and I’m holding mine on the right. Now cats genders are harder to determine than one might think. I incorrectly identified Mare’s as a boy so she named him her Oliver. I’ve pined for a Milly dress for so long, and have yet to buy one, unfortunately. I decided I needed some Milly in my life, so that’s what my little one is named.

They were ravenous, Oliver, at 1 lb 1 oz was trying to eat the can even she was so hungry. Milly is smaller, weighing in at a mere pound.

016 The next challenge? Removing the new divided front with our pups verse kitties. Boca and Shelbs look like they’re about to make themselves dinner out of these two. They lick them but also playfully nibble, playfully being debatable.

Any tips would be so appreciated right about meow.


  1. They are adorable! We had our cat first before we got our dog. I think because of that the dog doesn't "go" for him or anything.

    I think I read somewhere that the dogs should be kept on a leash for the first few meetings.

    Sorry I can't help much!

    Gemma x

  2. Aww! What precious little babies!! I am allerigic too and it makes me so sad, bc I love kittens!! Good luck with the cat/dog integration!

    And thank you so much for your sweet, supporting comment yesterday :)

  3. It's only been a couple of weeks since our journey began but we are so over the moon excited! I just wanted to drop in and invite you along for the ride - either you're a follower of my OTHER blog or just a sweet person I'd love to come along!

    Hopefully, the secrecy won't last long...

    Much love, luck, and blessings!!

    The *Maybe* Baby Mama

  4. ohhh my gosh they are soooo cute! I can't believe my kitty Houston was that little- its been soooo long ago! I wish I had some tips but I dont even remember what its like to have a kitten


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