Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Secret Garden, not so secret anymore…

I can’t thank you enough for your supportive words in regards to my ranting of an unemployed gal, ala my last post.

Today I thought I would share some eye candy with you, featured in Southern Living Magazine. If you read this magazine, I’m sure you’ve seen this beaut already, if not be prepared to be amazed.

While avoiding studying on a study break I perused the magazine and had to catch myself from publicly Ooing and Aahing at the garden featured in this Augusts' issue.


The garden is owned by acclaimed author, Jim Scott. It serves as a retreat for those dear to him, his parish, and visitors looks for a peaceful spot. It truly is an adult playground unlike any other.


The garden is located in Alabama and is nestled on the banks of Lake Martin. It took Jim 12 years to complete this garden and it is so expansive that renderings aren’t able to support his landscaped masterpiece.

Natural Creation

In 1975 Jim realized his dream for an English style garden and decided the appropriate location would be outside Grace Church. Through his efforts the congregation grew and grew. When a tornado severely impacted the area an anonymous donor came to the rescue with the aid of a helicopter that rearranged misplaced trees.

Natural Wine Cooler

Today visitors can find a bottle of wine naturally cooled for the taking amidst the garden paths or enjoy a zip lining adventure if they prefer.

Stone Diving Board

Children and adults can take a stepping stone path to a rock island and canoe or swim at their leisure. This is my favorite photo, it looks like the makings of Swiss Family Robinson.

Elevated Walkway

Visitors can tour the grounds from an elevated bridge for a more convenient route of the premise. Um, don’t mind if I do!

Bocce Court

A bocce ball court can randomly be found in the garden, and players are entertained by the simplistic innocence the garden holds.

Life-Size Chess Board

“I’ve been to big, formal gardens in Europe where after two minutes, you ‘got’ it,” Jim says. “But to really ‘get’ this garden is going to take an hour or two.”

Making Memories

“The only thing anybody really owns is their memories,” he observes. “Everything else is ephemeral. I would hope that 15 years from now, if someone who’s been here were asked, ‘You remember a garden with lots of waterfalls on a lake in Alabama?’ they would remember. If so, then I’ve given them a gift of enormous value.”


Wouldn’t you love to stroll Jim’s garden? I know I sure would!

[Garden Sources: Image 1&2, Additional Images and Information Found on Southern Living, And Here]


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Sounds like we all need to plan a vacay and meet THERE :)

  2. I'd absolutely love to go there - looks beautiful! I'm going to have to tell my bff who lives in Alabama about it...(although I'm not sure how close it's to her).

  3. It looks great!! He must of been so passionate about it to spend so many years on it!

    Gemma x

  4. Mrs. Hesson- Name the date and time, It's a plan!!

    Heidi- I'd love to know if your friends been there.

    Gemmma- I can't even imagine the passion this man must feel for this garden and its purpose, very admirable.

  5. Katie,

    I emailed my friend and she said that they are only about 2 hours away from there. She tried searching online and couldn't tell if it was open to the public. I went to your link at the bottom of the post & looked at the article on Southern Living and posted a comment there. Other people were asking directions as well, but I haven't seen any response. So, if you know any info on the subject, please pass it on.


  6. I found this on another site. My group of Master Gardener's is going there next week.

    To book a tour of Jim Scott’s gardens, contact Jeannie Curtis at jeannie_curtis53@yahoo.com or 334-740-2091.


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