Friday, September 3, 2010

9 02 10

Yesterday marks 9.02.10

As a child I wanted to watch Beverly Hills 90210, but I wasn’t allowed. I remember another 1st grader with parents who let her watch it and being so envious. But then came the Soap network and all of those shows that were once forbidden fruits are now their for the picking.

I was also not allowed to see the movie Waiting to Exhale because it was rated R. Talk about a scarlet letter. I have no idea why I wanted to watch this in 1995 but I vividly remember vowing that I would watch it when I was grown up, then no one could stop me. Honestly? I have not seen it and I think its hysterical that I once thought this looked like a movie I’d want to watch. image

Anyway, Bev Hills 90210 Who did you want Dylan with?


I’m team Kelly.  I love that their legacy was carried on and they had a child, from what I gathered the time or two I tried watching 90210.


Thank God for Clark Kent to help play ref.

Be still my heart. I don't think we have any current shows that come close to comparing to say... 90210 or The OC. Perhaps we should just kick it old school: 90210 episodes, thank you CBS


  1. lol... I watched 90210 and Melrose Place. Loved every minute of the cheesiness too. On occasion I'll watch re-runs on the soap channel. The new version of 90210 wasn't very good in my opinion.


    I was team Kelly. Brenda was not very nice at all.

  2. Love and miss 90210! I'm going to see if I can netflix it and have a marathon! : ) cute blog!

  3. I was never allowed to watch 90210 either! It was so unfair, and I still haven't seen very many of them. I am going to have to start renting the series!

    And thanks so much for your sweet, congratulatory post about Cinci... we are so excited!! :)

    Hope you are having a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


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