Monday, September 13, 2010

All day I’ve had one thing on my mind, Nate Berkus. You see this morning I got an email from his PR people inviting me along with various other fellow bloggers to be an audience member next Tuesday in NYC. I’ve never been to NYC but have wanted to go there desperately since Kevin McAllister took New York by storm in Home Alone 2. I wish I was joking, this may still be one of my favorite movies of all time.

I get to bring a guest and Bob has work and I asked my Mom. Problem is Mama has a flight phobia and wants to drive only to then stay at a Catholic Retreat House. God love her and I love God, but I want to explore New York and not a monastery. My Dad thinks I ought to just go alone but Pops forget I’m a scaredy cat. We’ll see, but one way or another I will be there and I am so so pumped.

I’ve had a bedroom dilemma as of late. My beloved peach colored floral duvet has torn and ripped and torn some more. I spent a day visiting 7 stores to no avail. Why is it when you don’t need bedding you see adorable covers everywhere and when you’re in desperate need there is zilch to enjoy?

I thought I’d share some inspiration if not for your viewing pleasure than for my sanity, because girlfriend needs some duvet/comforter love.

First and foremost when it comes to my personal style I feel one designer sums me up to a T: Pine Cone Hill

imageLady Apricot Floral Duvet


Ruched Linen Platinum with White duvet

imageAnnette Tatum Bedding Duvet Bamboo Sand

image  Bella Notte Duvet Cover Melissa

image Seth & Grayson Alli Bedding Set

I’m guessing if you click on more than one of these links you noticed they all brought you back to Layla Grace. Now I have no affiliation or relationships with Layla Grace, I simply adore this store. Perhaps more than any other  online boutique.


  1. How awesome is that! I'm jealous! I'll go with you! lol I DVR'd his show today but have yet to watch it.

    And I am in the same boat as you in the new bedding department! I want new stuff so bad and can't find anything out there I like for a reasonable price! :(

  2. I really hope you found someone to go with you Katie. You will LOVE NYC! I went there for the day back in 2001, and fell in love...(couldn't see it all, obviously), I definitely want to go back someday.


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