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What is a recap without stories? Sure pictures are great and tell a tale or two of their own, but the stories behind them can make those pictures what they are. Without further adieu I would like to tell you the tales of my New York City trip. I plan to share them with you over a series of days this week.

After our stay in Pennsylvania where we met Bruce Wayne’s unattractive comrads…008…we were more than elated to leave said hotel and make our way due East. (Seriously how gross are those bats?) Maybe I’m more of a city girl than I think but I have never seen anything like that in my life.  Aaand this was behind glass where I was safe and sound.  [Tangent: Remind me to tell you all the story of my sorority sisters’ bat infested house sometime, crazy.]


When we got to New Jersey where we were staying we were more excited than a kid on the first day of school, and by we I mean I. My Mom was a bit on the apprehensive side, we’d never been to NJ or NYC and she had no idea what to expect. We were beyond exhausted after driving through

010 New Jersey is gorgeous. I will repeat myself gorgeous. I had honestly expected NJ to look similar to the scenes in The Sopranos. Such is not life. It is mountainous and foliage galore.

We got to our hotel in the New Jersey Meadowlands and were unsure what to do. Beat exhaustion by taking a nap or heading out in full force to the city that never sleeps? Being we enjoy a nap more than the Muppet babies we chose a timed nap.

After napping we meandered across the street and waited for New Jersey’s public transit. Note: The buses in New Jersey make Chicago’s CTA look horrible. We’re talking plush seats, individually controlled air conditioning, and coach bus like features. The only thing missing was a junior high choir group and Disney DVDs playing on ceiling mounted televisions.

Once in New York at the Port Authority I looked for the nicest looking young girl to ask for directions to get to Time Square. I settled on a woman around my age with a headband topped with a bow. Because if you can’t trust someone in a bow who can you trust?

She was nice and gave us directions, it was only after that she began trying to convert my Mom and I to her religion. We explained we already have Jesus Christ in our lives and that just wasn’t enough for her. Finally we had to politely tell her we needed to make dinner plans and we got out of there. We just avoided mentioning we literally need to come up with plans for dinner because we were clueless as to where to go. Insert my darling Leslie.

Leslie has been to NYC many times and was able to direct me on where to eat, The Spotted Pig. It’s in the West Village and she recommended wine and cheese. This place is charming. It is so darn cute it makes charming seem like a passé word to use.

The Spotted Pig is also very happening and therefore was busy. We waited at a bar top and ordered vino, what’s great is you can order your food and then once your table is ready you are able to move it with you to a table. A nice man sitting next to us told us Tom Colicchio comes into The Spotted Pig about once a week and orders there burger. He said it’s delicious and what they’re known for. We decided to go with what’s liked and both ordered the burger. I asked for a different cheese rather than blue, they politely told me they don’t alter the menu. I still ordered it with blue cheese, and I now understand: You can’t alter perfection.

If you are ever in New York, go to The Spotted Pig, it was delicious, laid back, and really an all around great time.

011Once we were done with dinner we headed to Bleeker Street which is known as Cupcake Row, if you will. I really wanted to try the infamous Magnolia’s Bakery so we walked the few blocks over and waited in line.


We took our cupcakes to go and cabbed it back to The Port Authority. Once on the bus we explained to the driver we didn’t know which stop was ours and he assured my Mom he would let her know when we were at our stop. About 45 minutes into our bus ride and no cupcakes later, we began to worry, it didn’t seem to take this long on our ride there. It was also impossible to hear him over the speaker as to what location we were. I thought he sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher, and that my friends worried me. My Mom headed up front to ask him when we’d be at our stop. He told us we’d missed it, it was the 1st stop. The first stop.

He said we’d have to wait until the final stop and get off the bus, then if we waited another bus would come and take us back. After some terse words with yours truly he gave us cards so that we wouldn’t have to pay again for the bus fare.

We boarded the second bus in a town called Ridgewood New Jersey, it was cuter than words. Our next driver was the nicest man, he had been a police officer before an injury and my Mom was quick to befriend him. It helped, he dropped us off as close as possible to our hotel.

We raced upstairs and after calling Bob and my Dad to let them know we were safe and sound it was time for bed. After all, one needs beauty sleep before meeting with the amazing development team at HGTV!


  1. That bat is so creepy! At least you'll have a good story to tell for years to come. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your NYC trip! Sounds like you fell in love with the City that never sleeps!


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