Tuesday, September 28, 2010

nyc V.2

When we awoke on Saturday morning I was beyond excited. I mean I was heading to HGTV for lunch. As in Home and Garden television, the same HGTV Bob and I can agree to watch peacefully. The same HGTV as Sandra Rinomato, my ultimate hero.

I arrived earlier than any of the other bloggers and was instructed to go up to their lobby, which they share with the various other Scripps productions. The food channel was on and I tried my best to play it cool, who knows it if worked. Let’s go with yes.

After about 10 minutes the other bloggers began to filter into the lobby and I met a wonderful public relations woman named Eileen, we talked about life as a lefty in a right handed world. Basically this means the afternoon was off to a b-e-a-utiful start.

Once ushered into the meeting room I sat next to Emily and Elizabeth of Deux Maisons, talk about sweet girls. They are two sorority sisters who have stayed the best of friends in the working world and have a fabulous blog.


  Everyone quickly began to meet and greet, it was wonderful. No pretentiousness, just talented individuals eager to meet each other over shared passion. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift.


Except, I don’t know, maybe being at HGTV while doing it!


Then in walked in Emily Henderson.  The Emily Henderson, The Brass Petal, of Design Star success. I was beside myself with enthusiasm.

Would I meet her?


Would she be as adorable and bubbly in person?

 Even more so.


We all listened to the story from a sweet blogger named Melisa, she writes for the lil bee.  She wrote about going into labor while leaving a meeting she’d had with HGTV. It was quite the predicament but lead to her beautiful little girl. And she’s pregnant again!



I had the privilege of chatting with Joy and Janet, the moggit girls, who coordinated the entire Nate Day extravaganza. These two ladies are full of wit and so incredibly down to earth. I could have hung out with the two of them in my sweats and had just as good of a time. Joy and Janet were also quite insistent they’d met my doppelganger and that she was part of their high school class. I still need to see a picture of this twinnie.

023While talking to the ladies of Rue Magazine I ingested about 98 of these cupcakes.  Two of the women with Rue are from Chicago and one of them is from a very close suburb to mine. Such. A. Small. World. Bottom line these women were incredible and I would love to collaborate with them in the future, even if that collaboration is over cocktails in the city. 024

After lunch it was time to explore the city and freshen up. Freshen up you ask? Yes of course, you see Rue Magazine was having their launch party that night. It was a blast and so many wonderful people from the design world were there…

… but you’re just going to have to wait for the details from this design apprentice, until tomorrow.


  1. Your personality just bubbles out in these photos...SO adorable! I bet you were in dreamland at HGTV! :)

  2. How exciting!!! I would be dying! You look gorgeous in all the pics! xoxo

  3. PS. Following your gorgeous blog now :) xoxo

  4. Katie, so great to meet you. You're just adorable & I'm glad you said hello at the Rue party. Your blog is so pretty too!


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