Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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What’s a girl to do while waiting for a magazine launch party in New York City? Well I suppose that depends entirely on whose the girl. This girl decided she needed to see Saks 5th Avenue, and to 5th Avenue she went.

Picnik collage1I adored Saks and saw so many designers that I hadn’t been familiar with before like Robert and Rodriguez, Gryphon, Camilla and Marc. Basically this reads: gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. 

After waltzing around Saks, [I really waltzed, it’s weird you walk in and all of a sudden normal walking need not apply] I decided to head down the street to a gorgeous and large Sephora. I played around with the makeup and then met my Mom for dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi.


We meant to go to Blue Ribbon Italian, but I accidentally used my blackberry and yelped the wrong place. Oops! It was still really good. We were told famous chefs come to the various Blue Ribbon restaurants for  inspiration.

After Dinner we cabbed it over to the Rue Magazine Launch Party. On the way I snapped some photos of beautiful and busy Time Square.

Picnik collage2

When we arrived at the launch party I was thrilled. I’d met the Rue girls earlier in the day and they were awesome. I felt like I’d known them far longer than one day and therefore I couldn’t wait to share in their joy over the launch of Rue.


Crystal, Anne, Caitlin and  Alaina

When I got there I was so happy to spend a great deal of time with the talented Lindsay from A Design Story.


After walking around and meeting the different designers I wanted to take in the venue, the Design Studio in NYC. Some of the pieces on the floor were so unique I left mouth agape. See for yourself…

Picnik collage3 

I also had the privilege of meeting Design Star runner up, Michael Moeller. He was charming and immaculately dressed.


I was looking for a great place in the area to meet my friend Danielle for cocktails and Michael suggested The Ace Hotel. If you’re in NYC I would highly recommend stopping in to see the incredible design used in this space.

It was so great finishing off the night with a reunion with Danielle. I finally got to meet her hilarious fiancé too. It’s no doubt they’re so happy together, they are a great pair. 044

My Mom and I realized we’d yet to take a picture together through our whole trip so far.


We headed on back to the Port Authority for the night and after almost getting on the wrong bus we found our way back to our hotel. After all, this Design Apprentice had The Nate Berkus show to rest up for the next day! 


  1. So happy you came! Glad to see you had a fun time!

  2. Wish we'd gotten a picture together! Such fun to meet you in person. Your blog is a treat!

  3. What an awesome evening!! Great pics! You look super NYC chic!

  4. Looks like it was such a fun event..every time i see pics i miss NYC.


  5. Wow I love the pieces. Those drawers and cabinet look stunning!


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