Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paint by Memories

Today I taught my first religious education class. I dressed up so as to not be confused with my 6th graders because I on occasion still get asked if I want the kids menu. Someday I’ll love this. One of my boys knew about The Nate Berkus show, that it has previously been Bonnie Hunt’s time slow and what channel it was on. I told him I was impressed and he begrudgingly told me he only knows this because his Mom has it on when he gets home from school and if he wants to watch TV while doing his homework it has to be her show. I found this adorable.

I already love Nate’s new show and not just because I’ll be an audience member next week. Did you all catch the first episode and how he chose a color palette for a couple? He used colors that meant something to them both, what she wore the first day they met, what he thinks she looks best in, what his childhood room was painted, what she likes him in best. I thought for fun I would create a room using Nate’s idea and while I haven’t asked Bob his favorite color to see me in I can ad lib this.

When I first saw Bob he was wearing a red polo and I to this day love him in red more than any other color. It’s nostalgia and with his dark feature I think he looks great in the hue.

Bob’s childhood room is a greenish yellow, he shared with his brothers.

When we met I wore a tie dyed shirt, this makes the palette tricky though the colors were mostly in the light red family.

I wear pink, brown, and red more than anything else. I think he would like me in pink because he appreciates how feminine I am, because it’s the polar opposite of him. I don’t foresee pink being an allotted color for our home one day though so I will go with brown, a color we both love.

This leaves us with: dark red, greenish yellow, light red, and brown. Nate you are a genius, I see the palette forming already.

Oh you want to see?

This really is us to a cozy T. What colors would you end up with this little Nate exercise?


  1. I love the look of that room. You really are talented and I'm so jealous you're going to the Nate Berkus Show! As for a good read, I'm really into all of Mary Kay Andrews' books right now. She's a very Southern writer and I love her characters. I think you'd like them! Right now I'm reading The Fixer Upper :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Katie!! You are a genius. I love how your writing is like a stream of conscious thought.. I feel like I am just having a conversation with you :)

  3. Love Nate Berkus! And great color combo!!

  4. That is such a great idea to use meaningful colors to design a room! LOVE Nate!!


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