Saturday, September 18, 2010



I am blogging from on the road. I am in Pennsylvania for the very first time my friends. You see I am driving to Nate Day in NYC. My Mom and I embarked today and have traveled through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and now Pennsylvania.


Unfortunately we did run into trouble in Ohio. I got my first speeding ticket 81 in a 65. I tried playing dumb, inquiring about his life, asking for restaurant suggestions, talking decorating, asking to see what he clocked me at. Nothing worked. I just wish if I have to throw a state money it would be my own state of Illinois that has gone bankrupt.

My agenda is this: See Kate plus 8 or at least Jon while in Pennsylvania.

Run into Teresa, Caroline, Dina, and Jacqueline while in New Jersey (where I’m staying)

Make best friends with Nate Berkus while in NYC. I would love if my dream last night of drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas with Bethenny would come true too.

I also noticed I forgot my speed detector (obviously), black purse, and camera charger. This means I will need to find a Best Buy on the East Coast and stat.

Our hotel here in PA had these giant bugs outside our main entry. They were the size of a coffee mug. Of course while noting this my Mom couldn’t get our door open. Later I tried taking a picture of them from behind the glass (think their mug shot). Then I saw it, a wing start to slap before they continued to cuddle with each other. Yes, they were bats. My Mom chose the path of denial and is insistent they are speakers for the hotel. Apparently they need a PA system in PA.

Unforgiving officers, bats, and whatever else comes our way will not keep us from the incredible Nate Berkus. Hope to see you there.

P.S. I’ve been waiting for NYC since I read Karen in the Babysitter’s Little Sister Club series visit her pen pal. This was in the 3rd grade. This was around the same time as Kevin McAllister left my beloved Chicago and flew eastbound to New York alone. Suffice it to say everything I know about NYC I learned from Kevin McAllister. And John Cusack in Serendipity.


This post was really random but I’m tired and have many travels ahead. God Speed my Friends


  1. Sorry about the speeding ticket. What a bummer...

    The show is tomorrow, right? I can't wait to hear all about it! They are going to discover your natural, raw, talent and voila - you may be moving to NYC permanently. :)

  2. 1. I LOVED all of The Babysitters Club books.

    2. I LOVE Serendipity.

    3. Hope you have a wonderful trip! Blogging on the road = very impressive. :)

  3. I loooooove NYC -- one of the best cities in the world. Am enjoying your blog (didn't meet - but we were at Nate Day together). It's very cool to read the travel adventures. BTW, I recently got a speeding ticket, too and did the same (apologize, ask about his day...nada).
    P.S. A Serendipity mention, too? Excellent.


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