Thursday, September 9, 2010

You’re Hired!

I have some news and it’s good news too! On Wednesday I had a job interview in the city. A girl I worked with at my first out of college job works at this particular company and referred me for a position. The week before I had a not so great job interview and I just felt God wanted me to get in touch with my old co-worker and find out about her current job.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and I headed into the city with a great feeling of relief, I felt I was about to interview for where I was meant to work right now. I met with the manager and after wards the HR rep came in and told me I’d really impressed him and I would be talking to their district manager over the phone. I spoke with her and the HR rep came back into the room again and said he didn’t know what I’d said to them but I’d blown them both away. He said the DM told him to make me an offer before I got away!

What was especially great is when the DM asked why I left my job I felt the need to be honest. I alluded to the negative work environment for women and why I had to get out of there. She commended my bravery leaving an unfit work place and said she’d hope her own daughters would do the same if they were in a similar situation.

I’ll be working back in the beloved loop of Chicago. I start the first week of October and after some facebook creeping I learned a good college friend happens to work under the same manager of this huge company. Small world, eh?

I should mention this by no means means I will hanging up my real estate dreams. I really would love to be an agent part time while working full time in a job that provides the security of a salary and benefits. I had a big heart to heart with my cousin Crystal about this. Crystal really hit home about needing to take the exam and not think about fears but about completion. She spoke about things she wishes she’d done and how I need to set a goal test date for myself today.imageimage imageimageimage  

[Me and Crystal]

I absolutely love the support family can provide. They know you so well and that in lies a saving grace. I’m truly blessed.

Have you all noticed any difference in unemployment rates by you? Hopefully your loved ones are finding j o b s!


  1. Congratulations on your new job!!!

  2. congratulations sweetheart!!! sounds like an exciting new opportunity and you should definitely be proud of yourself!!

  3. Congrats! That's awesome! Our unemployment is horrible here in Sacramento lowest in the country if I'm correct due to the stupid state workers and everything else.

    But awesome job!


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