Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hair today gone tomorrow

I apologize.

My posts have been terribly infrequent this week, which was definitely not the plan.

Week 2 of my job training has been very busy and I absolutely love the girls I’m working with. How does that happen? I’ve never worked with all nice girls before, it’s drama free and friendly, thank you Lord.


I’m feeling in need of some R & R, if only I could  look like Marilyn after a bit of shut eye.


By the way, I cut my hair. I mean that literally. I decided I could forgo beauty school pass Go and collect a magnificent hair cut. Such is not the case, my hair looks like a five year old took to her Barbie doll in a post toddler break down.

Tomorrow I need to get it cleaned up, before the weekend. From now on I’m sticking to only cutting my bangs and long cover charge lines.


And yes, before you ask… I had this.


  1. Life gets busy, and the blogs always become neglected. No apologies needed, dah-ling. By the way, I have cut my own hair before and it was an utter disaster. I think we have all done it, so no need to feel alone. Hope you're having a great week! :)

  2. So glad to be working with you Katie! Can't wait for more happy hours with the girls, I feel lucky to have found such a great group! Maybe I should do a hair trimming tutorial next time so this kind of thing doesn't happen again!

  3. I am sure your hair looks great, you are adorable! What style did you do?

  4. OMG I am cracking up. Remember how good the commercials were when we were little?? We played with normal things like barbies. Sure she had some nasty hair styles as seen evident in this clip, but hey they were normal. Now kids are playing with crazy shit like zhu zhu pets. I am sorry-I don't want my child playing with a little battery powered rodent. that is just plain creeptastic. Please send pic of your hair. kthanks.


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