Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just purchased this year's Halloween Costume and I am quite excited. I’ll give you some hints as to who my alter ego it, let’s see if you can guess the bombshell.

I graduated high school in 1993.

I was the head cheerleader, and captain of the volleyball, softball, and swim teams.

I rocked feather bangs like you wouldn’t believe.

I am a massive George Michael fan.

I worked and played at The Max.

My boyfriend and his body building best friend were often fighting over me.

I went to California University for college, with my closest friends.

I had an affair with my anthropology professor in college.

I later became engaged and married to my on again off again high school sweetheart.

I went to Las Vegas to marry my fiancé but ended up having an elaborate wedding.

Any guesses? This may help.  I am Kelly Kapowski.

P.S. As a child I wanted to be Kelly so bad I used to try to make a deep side part on my hair and walk around the house with my bangs in my face, trying to be her, I was so cool. True story.


  1. I loved her! I wasn't very cute during my middle school years and when we would play "Saved by the Bell", my friends would always make me be jesse or Lisa! :)

  2. bahahaha this was hysterical. it took me till about clue 6 to be solidified in my decision, but I got it. So funny. Kelly K and Elle Woods are gonns party it up. And I am psyched. I am hanging this weekend in Houston with Kristen from all in my twenties!! We are having a BLAST. xo see ya next weekend!

  3. ok now that is funny! kelly was awesome! i loved that show... it was so stupid, but i loved it so much. and kelly was gorgeous! you will pull it off well!


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