Monday, October 18, 2010

If lost return to the city

I promise to post a photo of my now polished hair. So polished that like a poet named Kanye West, this weekend I thought I was Immaculately polished with the swagger of a hustler and the spirit of a college kid, but that can stay just between us. And the cab driver who found my beloved cell phone in his back seat. Thank God for honest people.



What have you looked for while searching for an apartment? I’m in the rental market, or at least pursuing. My only stipulations so far are that there is a dogs allowed policy, a dish washer, and a good neighborhood. I’d love a decent roommate too, but most of my girl friends have left home or aren’t ready to quite yet.



PS My Google Reader is at 713. Is there an RSS app for blackberrys I should know about to restore the calm in my life? A clogged reader is like a messy room, you just can’t think with the chaos!


Thank you for being patient with me while I maneuver this new job and new schedule, I promise things will be falling back into normalcy very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Ummmm I'll move into that apartment with you! That is freaking to die for. Ps your swagger of a college kid line cracked me up.


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