Friday, October 1, 2010

nyc V.5

My last grand adventure in NYC happened after The Nate Berkus show. We, the bloggers, were invited to a little party held by a publication I think you may have heard of, The Nest. The Nest is amazing, it is the child of The Knot and offers advice for making your home. It’s basically the how to guide for what to do once you’ve said I do.

The event was held at the eclectic and amazing VIP Cellar Lounge in the Meat Packing District. I quickly grew close with Harold and Sara Kate throughout the day and by the time we were at The Nest we were old friends. I strongly encourage you to check out both of their blogs, they are fabulous. Tell them I sent you.

When we arrived at the VIP Cellar Lounge I was shocked by the amazing interior. This place was so imaginative and charming. See for yourself.

082083 084

That is a strainer turned light fixture. 


A Pill Bottle Chandelier


An old gossip table.. Women weren’t allowed desks so gossip tables were where they would answer their phones. 


Those are hangers. I can’t make this stuff up


A wall of butterfly records, naturally.


And then there was a bar cart competition. Everyone had the option of decorating bar carts and whomever The Nest chooses as their winner will be featured in their next magazine.

091I had the most remarkable team mates in Sara Kate and Harold, they were phenomenal.


After the competition I just had to get a photo with the gals from The Nest. They’re both from areas less than an hour and a half from me.


The Nest knows how to throw an amazing party. After we left the event Sara Kate, Howard, and I headed to an Italian restaurant for dinner and drinks…


Once done with dinner we took advantage of our last night in NYC and went exploring.  Just call us Gossip Girl…



I made such wonderful friends in these two…


New York, you are a new love in my life. I promise I’ll be back, you see we’ve got much more acquainting to do.  


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Glad to hear about your NY adventure. I'm loving the pill bottle chandelier! It's amazing! Kellie xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours too! What an exciting party to attend and I love how you're rocking the Tucker dress!


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