Monday, November 29, 2010

Heading out West!


Tomorrow I head out West for work for a couple days to my territory for work. I am so excited, I’ve never been there before, but hope to make a great and powerful impact.

And get this. I’m only bringing a carry on. I kid you not. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but this will be a first. Have you packed only a carry on before? What did you do about your liquid products?


  1. Sounds like hubby likes taking a carry on. You are usually fine with liquids if it is under a certain amount and in a baggy that can easily be pulled out and screened. You might want to double check the rules online. :)

  2. GIRL. it is HARD! I use to do it all the time on my way to Denver. PS where are you going? If you are going to Denver may I send you on a mission to go find a brand new audi a4-black, and smash its windows a-la before he cheats style? kthanks.

    tip-for perfume-I always go get samples from the Macy's counter because they are under 3 oz. and take up no room. You are welcome ;) and you can live without shaving cream for a few days. it is too bulky.

  3. Ugh Welcome to my world of work traveling! I swear I have it down to an art at this point! You can bring a carry-on as big as you like and if for some "oops" reason its too big, they will just stick it under the plane for you and then bring it up waiting for you! Its like you get to check your bag for free! I do it all the time, esp on little planes that dont fit! AND you can bring a "computer bag" which I just use a huge duffle bag/purse looking bag and put all my work stuff in there, plus the biggest purse I can find! For longer trips I just usually stock up on the travel section at target or you can go to they have a ton! Trust me I have had to just bring a "carrry on" for a 5 day trip ppl are nuts sometimes!! Have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  4. Hope you have fun on your trip! Cute blog!

  5. I only carry on now unless it's deep winter! Pick up some 3 oz bottles at the drug store, as well as all the samples of hairspray, etc. It's awesome, you'll love it!


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