Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Studio for one.

I’ve been going back and fourth on having a roommate or getting my own place in the city.  I’ve done everything but make an actual pros and con list. I love company and talking to people, though I don’t want to have to adapt to preexisting rules and feel like I’m living in someone's house as a guest.

One thing that has thrown me for a loop is how I would decorate a studio if I chose to live alone. One large quadrant for everything. How do you make it specific to different functions? I wanted to share some studios I thought captured this perfectly. My personal inspiration, if I choose to go down the solo route.



I show you these images because let’s face it. No studios are the size of a spacious master suite. Not in this city, not like this.


[I wish]

So what do you think… would you choose company or independence?


  1. LIVE ALONE!!!!! So much better! Besides, you'll be getting married soon and you'll never have the opportunity again.

  2. Studio on your own!! It's the best. And just look at all of the inspirational photos for decorating :)

  3. If your roommate selection is limited and you'd be settling with one, then I would chose to live on your own if you can swing it. The independence would be great!

    And as far as studios go...I think they can be pretty cool. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with limited space. The baby's room has a treadmill in there, so we ordered a room divider screen to section it off. I think it's going to make it look much better. Maybe that's something you could use as well?

  4. Man! It is MY DREAM to live in a studio apartment. I think they look so amazing. Go for it!

  5. Solo! Have fun with decorating those are great inspirations!


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