Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wait. Halloween is over?

My computer had been in the shop for what felt like ages. This has made posting just a tiny bit difficult. But good news, it’s backkkkk.

And what does this mean for you my beautiful witty and talented readers? It means I can share photographs with you from the past several weeks.

I wanted to share a bit more with you about my Halloween weekend. It was so much fun, minus the being robbed and having my credit cards stolen thing.

I was so excited to get to finally meet Ali, The Pink Lou Lou.


She is even more charming in person if that’s possible and her group of girl friends are amazing. Also the pouf is no joke, she has mastered the art.


They’re all movie star pretty and so down to earth. Oh yeah, they also know how to have a ridiculously good time.


We had table service at an awesome lounge in the city and danced the night away. Ali even wore this man’s glasses, though I’m not sure who he is. And I don’t think she knows either.


This girl wore body paint on her entire body and  it was so detailed and incredible. We had to snag a photo op with her.


I had such a fun, no make that amazing time with the Kentucky crew and absolutely adored each and every one of them. They were so genuine and so much fun. If you don’t already follow The Pink Lou Lou I highly recommend changing that habit immediately. She won’t disappoint.

The next night of the robbery Halloween I headed up with Bob and his friends to a bar on the North side. I as Kelly Kapowski, he as a Chile miner.


Ain’t that a match made in Halloween heaven? Bob thinks I was robbed because someone was clearly a Screech fan. Whatev. You can rack up my Capital One Card, take my Debit card and go wack a doodle at, you may even hold onto my license. But my dignity cannot be stolen. 

Some of the rescued miners who made it to Chicago…042

Boys will be boys…


And I kid you not that top photo is the only photo I took of myself on Halloween. I always become a soccer mom around these fellas and make it my purpose to personally photog the heck out of them.

So that is my very belated Halloween. 

“May your holiday have more photos of you and may your identity stay intact.” – Katie Proverb


  1. Too funny Katie! My dear fiance was a Chilean coal miner too. He and Bob would DEFINITELY be friends.

    Love you lots...and when are we starting our blog-posting party?

  2. That's so fun that you got to meet one of your fellow blog friends :) Your pictures were adorable and i'm SO sorry your stuff got stolen. People can be so mean!

  3. Girl I miss you already! I want to come back to Chi just to visit you!! pS can you send me some of those pics, they are so precious!!


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