Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dressed to the 9’s



This weekend was so much fun, you see it was my work’s Holiday party! We had it at the Field  Museum in Chicago and no details were spared.

I booked a room in the city to insure there would be a safe place to lay my head after the festivities. Using Priceline I was able to book a 4 star hotel for $85. Yes you read that right, 4 stars for $85. Thank you William Shatner.

After primping in the posh hotel we cabbed it to the gorgeous museum. I’d been to several other museums in Chicago for events but this was a soiree like no other. The Design Apprentice felt like Vivien Leigh walking into the event. I suppose it helped grabbing a dress from Rent The Runway!

I chose a Robert Rodriguez dress that was completely done in espresso sequences and cocktail length with a black bow on one strap. Instead of explaining it why don’t I introduce you?




Even the ice sculptures and entertainment were unexpectedly brilliant! 




And let’s not forget The Field’s main exhibit, Sue. She was lucky enough to take photo with my friend Todd.


All in all it was a wonderful work party and I’m so blessed to have a career that I am proud of.



I think it’s safe to say The Design Apprentice strikes again in lovely Chicago. I can’t wait to live in this city full time.


  1. Love the sparkly dress is it Hale Bob? If not its a dead ringer for one of his New Year lines! Love it!

  2. Lovely dress!! Looks like the museum in an episode of How I met your mother...!!

    Gemma x


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