Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merriest of Christmas to you!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas filled with family and remembrances for that special baby whose birth we celebrate.


I hope your tree was decorated in a way that reminded you what it was like to be a child on Christmas morning.


I hope your table was filled with food and your Christmas decorations abundant.


I hope your door was open to those who love you, and that this means it was open to all you know.


I had a wonderful Christmas spent with Handsome


And plenty of family gathered around



We did Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and I was immediately struck by the live manger scene. There were children outside playing the parts of Mary and Joseph. They also had farm animals wandering and a giant bon fire to warm them. It was the most precious Christmas sight I’ve ever seen.


I mean that is adorable, how can you not agree?


When it came to gifts I was given a TomTom by Handsome. I’d had one before and it stopped working this Fall and my sense of direction isn’t my finest of qualities, so it was a great gift. He also gave me a movie, a magazine subscription to Women’s Health, and an ornament. Every year we have an ornament exchange, this year I was given a pink sparkly blackberry, much like my real phone.

From my family I was lucky enough to get perfume I’d been eyeing for months, Sephora Gift Cards (the gift that never fails), Glee Sountracks (Oh Em Gee), Dr. Dre Headset. I kid you not the sound is beyond rediculous. I don’t care that I am a white suburbanite rocking Dr. Dre headphones, they’re awesome. I also got a new pc.


What were your favorite gifts to give and receive? Were there any you were not feeling this year?

I hope you and your families all had the merriest of Christmases.

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